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Search results

  1. Video: BlueCruise IR Scanning in Action

    I installed a Cobra SC400D dashcam with the IR cabin cam add-on and it captures the BlueCruise IR scanning. I had seen the photos and videos showing the IR lights on the dash, but this was a new perspective. Initially, I thought there was an issue with the video. The color tipped me off and...
  2. SunRun Price for Charger and Home Integration System Installation

    Well, now I know. Visited the Sun Run order site and the cost for installation of the charger is $1500 ($150 design fee); $7700 for the HIS....$9200 total, with the asterisk for potential extra costs. shop.sunrun.com/ford/order/ We just don't lose power enough to justify the cost for our...
  3. Lightning Wheel Liners?

    I'm curious if anyone that has actually seen the Lightning noticed if there were rear wheel liners installed? They are optional on ICE F-150 or as an accessory. I am not a fan of the look without liners and could not find any info in the order guides, etc. that referred to wheel liners nor...