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Search results

  1. Charging Lightning from DuroMax 10kw Generator Failed

    Did you guys ever get the generator to charge the truck?
  2. DIY: Installing ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) and LKA (Lane Keep Alert) to 2022 F-150 Lightning XLT

    Awesome work! I wonder if NL3Z-15K867-F would be the harness for our trucks without the fog light connections. It could also save some money since they are not needed.
  3. Recommend a good shipping company or good way to ship?

    Both my friend and I used Montway auto transport to ship our trucks from Texas to PA. Their quote was more than half what the dealership wanted. No issues with them from either of us.
  4. Half a yard 80/20 topsoil

    Good to know. It’s almost dry enough here to go pick up topsoil and mulch
  5. Leather Steering wheel Mod on Pro - Help!

    I need to find the part number but there is an option without it too. Just haven’t looked up the vin.
  6. Leather Steering wheel Mod on Pro - Help!

    I believe you also need a terminal as well, PN WT1030. I would also be clear that the above parts don’t include new hvac climate controls to have a physical button to enable the heat. However at least on the ICE trucks you can enable a climate bar on the screen to enable the heated steering...
  7. Upgrade to 7.2kw Pro Power ?

    Yea I’ve seen the ICE threads about it. Was wondering if it was any different because of the battery source for power.
  8. Upgrade to 7.2kw Pro Power ?

    Very possible and likely, but gotta ask the question to see what needs to be done or who has access to some helpful info.
  9. Efficiency numbers (m/kWh) with Splash Guards/Mudflaps?

    I am averaging in cold mornings 2.0-2.4 and in the afternoon when it’s warmer around 40-50 3.0-3.5. All 40-50mph speeds with no preconditioning. I have the ford hard plastic mudflaps.
  10. Upgrade to 7.2kw Pro Power ?

    Does anyone have access to part numbers or schematics that feed the pro power panel in the bed?
  11. New part: Ford Performance 22" Sinister Bronze Wheels

    Agreed. Would look good on a white truck.
  12. Part# Help: Frunk Inner Cover "Twist Clips"

    Not sure if anyone has bought it to confirm but here is my other post. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/under-frunk-cover-clips.14598/#post-302616
  13. Upgrade to 7.2kw Pro Power ?

    I currently have the standard 2kw outlets in the bed and was looking to see how feasible an upgrade to the larger 7.2kw was. I believe the upgraded outlet panel is PN MU5Z-19A464-D. I would assume that the harnesses are the same that feed the panel, but was hoping someone with better access to...
  14. Fold Flat Work Surface Console Lid

    It would need to be replaced anyway since it’s keyed to the truck. Hopefully they removed it gently haha
  15. Fold Flat Work Surface Console Lid

  16. Does your Lightning make this noise?

    Mine sounds like this. I would say it’s normal.
  17. Retrofit Intelligent Access Door Handles - 2022 Lightning XLT

    Adding in a relevant manual to help others.
  18. Adding SecuriCode to Pro?

    Did you remove the inside bracket portion of the exterior door handle? Have any pictures of it? How hard was it to remove?
  19. Anyone have battery tips and cabin settings to optimize range in cold weather

    I was actually thinking about this today. I typically have the hvac set to 68 with the floor and front facing vents on. This is comfortable, but I’m not sure if it’s efficient compared to the Auto setting. I feel when I turn the Auto setting onto high, med, or low it doesn’t do anything and...