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Search results

  1. First Tesla Supercharger with ‘Magic Dock’ CCS Adapter for non-Tesla electric cars spotted in the US. Charges up a Rivian

    It’s finally happening! Charging a Rivian R1T: https://www.rivianforums.com/first-tesla-supercharger-with-magic-dock-ccs-adapter-successfully-charges-r1t/ Electrek article: https://electrek.co/2023/02/23/tesla-supercharger-magic-dock-for-non-tesla-electric-cars-spotted-us/
  2. Arizona ⚠️Nearly New Complete Lariat wheels for sale

    I was going to hold on to them but they are just taking up space now. I took them off within a couple thousand miles of taking delivery Zero damage.
  3. The possible start of TESLA allowing non Tesla supercharging??

    So While researching the painfully long time it will take for the Federal funding to build out the DCFC network, I stumbled across a new approved building permit from TESLA for an 88 stall Supercharging station in Quartzite, AZ (among several other proposed mega sites in CA) Tesla already has a...
  4. Where is the charging station etiquette?

    Let me start off with how great of a truck the lightning is! It was easy to swap my Tesla for such a capable EV! That being said, as months go by I am seeing more and more “budget” EVs on the road from the likes of VW, Kia, Hyundai ect which I’m cool with. However with my normal commute to work...
  5. Transformation is complete! 17" Method wheels installed + Stage3Motorsports leveling kit on Star White Lightning

    You have to choose wisely but 17” wheels will for with max tow package! Now she’s perfect!! Specs: 2.3” leveling kit from Stage3Motorsports Method MR703 17x8.5 +0 offset BFgoodrich AT Ko2 285/75R17 No rubbing whatsoever Bonus: it still breaks all tires loose on acceleration :)
  6. ⚠️ Attention to all that have mounted 17” wheels to you Lightning!

    Hey all! So as most of us, I can’t leave my beautiful truck stock for long. I have installed a nice leveling kit and am now looking into wheels and tires. As my truck is a Lariat it has the 20” wheels which are nice but not my jam. I would love to bring it down to 17” wheels and about pulled the...
  7. Mobile Charger BRICKED.

    Hey all, So I’m at work charging as usual at the same outlet Ive used since I got the truck. Today tho I get an error message saying the truck is plugged in and not charging. Go out and the mobile charger is showing solid amber and solid red. Looking at the manual to troubleshoot doesn’t show...
  8. FRUNK failure issue will not close or open w/ "Frunk Malfunction See Manual" message

    Hopefully this isn’t turning into a trend. My Mega power frunk™️ has acted up a couple times now with it either failing to open or close. It will only give 4 long beeps with a message on the binnacle saying “frunk malfunction see manual”. I’ve made a service appointment but it’s not for a couple...
  9. Lariat Grille Losing paint!! RESOLVED! (Kinda)

    So less than a month into ownership, I was washing her up and lost a piece of the paint on the grille!! No pressure washer was used this time just a garden hose. Contacted the dealership about a replacement as it seems very likely a manufacturer defect with no luck so far. Am I alone with this...
  10. CONFIRMED! Lightning shipments have made it as far as Arizona

    Just got off Ford chat. got confirmation my truck is currently at a rail yard in El Mirage AZ!
  11. How dark is too dark for window tint?

    As we are all excitedly getting closer to taking delivery of our sweet new trucks!, the time has come to prepare for some “upgrades” I as an Arizona resident not only like the look but NEED tinted windows to survive the summers! One of my dirt priorities is getting tint installed. That being...
  12. Sneaky Dealerships

    Just sitting here killing time on Cars.com and I come across this…