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Search results

  1. On 4.2.1 but still have old interface - How do I get the new one?

    I have only received two updates OTA: 4.1.1 mid feb and 4.2.1 a few days ago. Everything else I used FDRS to get including the UI update. I just got tired of driving in circles waiting for it to come.
  2. Confirmed Fix for MY23 FordPass Connectivity Issue = 4.2.1 PowerUp OTA Update

    Sorry to be skeptical here but with the failures of the TSB I have to ask: "informed" by whom?
  3. Modem stopped working.....then worked with a weird possible fix

    seriously? I’d rather pull the battery every morning than not have these features. Significant reasons why I bought the truck-especially PAAK!
  4. Recent Phone as a Key PAAK Update?

    iWatch? Do you mean Apple Watch? I have the Ultra and have no problems with PaaK or the watch. Thankfully Paak works great, unlike the modem. I haven't had the keyfob with me since taking it home from the dealer.
  5. Ford Pass not connecting - software ver on 2/21

    If you are talking about FordPass the app not updating with information from your truck, like your charge level or not being able to remote start, lock, unlock outside of bluetooth range then this has been discussed in several other threads such as this one...
  6. YouTube app gone from Sync 4.2.1 ?

    After 4.1.3 my Youtube and Entertainment section never showed up. As an experiment I subscribed to Ford Streaming and sure enough within a minute Youtube popped up. I'm only guessing but if I let it expire it would probably disappear again. I should note I tested it in my garage where wifi is...
  7. Modem stopped working.....then worked with a weird possible fix

    Same experience here. Had the GWM on Feb 18 (via OTA update), OBCC, APIM, and TCU (in that order) upgraded on Feb 19. Have now had Fordpass lose connection 3 times since, more frequently than it has been. I talked to them on Friday, they insist taking it to the dealer but can not confirm if it...
  8. <TSB> Inoperative FordPass With DTCs U0146:09, U2402:00, And/Or U2402:92 - Built On Or Before 13-Dec-2022

    I'm assuming you have PAAK because if you are close enough with your phone you can still unlock, lock, and remote start as it uses the Bluetooth connection, but if you get out of range and it needs to use the modem it won't work. Not sure on the need to take it in part. I have received OTA...
  9. Does your Lightning make this noise?

    THIS particular noise when in RND is the pedestrian alert system. Emits a god-awful noise from a speaker behind the bumper.
  10. FordPass App Stopped Working

    Well it's March and still no update, or at least one that fixes the issue. Had Mike G check my VIN and I have no updates available via FDRS and Fordpass has disconnected twice requiring a battery disconnect since I updated everything on Feb 19.
  11. Austin owners

    Welcome! The quotes around new mean what - dealer mannequin?
  12. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Perhaps Ford Streaming expired? Mine refused to show up until I subscribed so I'm guessing the opposite is also true.
  13. New Frunk in Town- Cybertruck Beta Videoed

    That front dash is large enough to have a picnic on. It's so big it even has its own little windows! This video is probably the least ugliest I have seen yet but it is still yuck.
  14. PowerUp status -- how to check if an update has been pushed to your Lightning (via Ford.com)

    I have it as a favorites in my phone: 833-926-3233 Have your VIN handy. They will tell you if anything is pending
  15. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Something is not right here. I got “” on Feb 17 with the exact same text? 🤔
  16. <TSB> Inoperative FordPass With DTCs U0146:09, U2402:00, And/Or U2402:92 - Built On Or Before 13-Dec-2022

    So it's been over a week since my TCU has been updated and FordPass has failed to connect twice now, requiring me to again disconnect the 12V battery. Sigh. Also, my wireless carplay has been acting up since getting the TCU update.
  17. Buzzing in the passenger side when in R N D, normal??

    It won't disappear. I just discovered it last weekend after nearly two months of ownership. Thought something was terribly wrong but there is a speaker behind the bumper that emits the ugly tone and backup beeping. For liability reasons I would not tamper with it.
  18. <TSB> Inoperative FordPass With DTCs U0146:09, U2402:00, And/Or U2402:92 - Built On Or Before 13-Dec-2022

    I didn't see any DTCs in my GWM or TCU modules this weekend but there was a TCU, APIM, and OBCC update that I applied with FDRS. I too have struggled with Fordpass being inoperative needing me to disconnect the battery. I was also able to get updated to 4.1.3 from 4.1.1, after Ford told me my...