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Search results

  1. Speed Limit Recognition Dangerous Behavior?

    I had that happen several times now and the conditions weren’t even bad. It just all of a sudden started accelerating like a runaway train, scared the hell out of me. I always have to keep making sure speed limit recognition stays shut off after updates.
  2. Snow tire chains - Anyone used or purchased?

    I have a set in my frunk for the Lariat wheels but then read in the owners manual chains are not recommended for the 20” wheels… I installed Blizzaks since I do a fair amount of skiing and have not needed to use the chains and I hope it stays that way.
  3. 22-PU-1009-MIL-DTE (Update to Distance To Empty calculation)

    Anyone know if you can skip this update and go straight to 4.1.1 or do you have to take all updates?
  4. Power Up-4.1.1 OTA software update released

    Does anyone know if you can pass over the Guess o meter update and go straight from 3.5.4 to 4.1.1? I would imagine you'd need to disable automatic updates and do manual?
  5. 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution EV Pickup Truck Concept Officially Revealed ⚡️🐏

    I was also totally expecting an unveiling of a working prototype and ability to place a reservation. So much nothing!
  6. Ongoing Subscriptions after 1st moth ownership. Sirius, Ford Connected etc.

    I'm not sure who to talk to in this truck??? Alexa, Siri or Hey Ford! Although Siri's usual response is that she can't do that while I'm driving...
  7. Ongoing Subscriptions after 1st moth ownership. Sirius, Ford Connected etc.

    I'm quickly approaching my 1st month of ownership and starting to have Sirius XM blowing up my phone and emails about Ford Connected Services. What's everyone paying for vs letting it expire? I haven't answered the phone yet from Sirius because I despise sales pitches over the phone. My last new...
  8. Charge Port Door Frozen

    It appears we need this as a winter accessory. I had all kinds of things frozen shut today, the frunk was one of them though so, we need to keep hair dryers in the frunk, bed and cab depending on which one we can get open! 😂
  9. Financing the 2022 Lightning Purchase - Add Your Options

    You would need to check with them, since I didn't do it that way, I can't speak to that.
  10. Why doesnt the heater work with cabin re-circulation?

    Mine too, I turned it on about a mile from a dairy farm and by the time I drove by 🐄💩 I was smelling poo and it was off… they really need to fix this! Also at least on lariat and higher there’s no lighted button where you can see that it turned off..
  11. I'm Curious, How Many People Are Considering Not Taking Delivery?

    I'm abandoning my so far unscheduled order since I bought a MY22 off the lot. My order was a 23 SR Lariat with Blue Cruise, the original dealer refunded my $500 and changed the order to an ER plus Tow Tech. It appears I'll keep getting updates on it since it's still in my name. It will be...
  12. Financing the 2022 Lightning Purchase - Add Your Options

    I recently was financed thru Parsons about a week and a half ago at 3.99% for 72 months. I live in Washington State. It's not as easy as using the dealers financing and I had to pay for them to overnight a check (they were going to fed ex it 3-4 day). Once I got the loan approved and sent them...
  13. What Are The Best Winter Tires for an F 150? Blizzaks?

    Which studded Nokians did you install and how are they working out for you?
  14. Snow Tire Help

    How are these doing? Is there much noticeable range impact? I'm looking to do this exact setup on a SR Lariat.
  15. ✅ 10/10 Lightning Build Week Group

    Mine arrived at the dealer last night! Gotta wait till Monday to get my credit union to fund my loan so pickup on Tuesday most likely. I have a four hour drive north to go get her so it’ll be a mini road trip up the Olympic Peninsula 🏔️ 🌲
  16. Best and worst Tonneau cover for Wintery Conditions

    Good to know about the frunk.. and of course mines star white…luckily I don’t get a lot of snow in the valley, mainly when I’m on the mountain.
  17. 4,000 ft, 66 miles up to ski area

    I’ve been waiting for a report like this! I’ll be doing many similar trips up to Mount Hood Meadows this ski season ⛷️ 🏔️ 🛻
  18. LAST DAY of Realtruck Cyber Week! 11/21 - 11/30

    I sent a request to you for the Gator EFX
  19. Best and worst Tonneau cover for Wintery Conditions

    Wow that’s crazy! I’d like to see that, you must have some big ramps!