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Search results

  1. software update installed -- specifically addresses the modem issue

    My Sync revision is 640. Same revision since I’ve had it. Sorry, no Revision number change, I’m going say no update vs phantom screen. The rev version is same at pickup (rev 640). Not missing updates, cause I don’t know what I’m missing. Thanks tho!
  2. Price Protection After the Fact People

    Huh? Model doesn’t matter. They all went up $5k.
  3. What is the average price for Sun run installed home integration system?

    Sweet. Got it added. And we have juice. 240v vs trickle 120v. This will hold me over until HIS and L2 charger is installed. Products in garage…awaiting competent electrician. 400A to house, 300a full load. Got 50a breaker, 6/4 6AWG SOOW 20’, 14-50 NEMA outlet. Breaker, NEMA plug: Lowe’s or your...
  4. Preventing Theft of Your Lightning

    Are you saying I need carry 20a fuse and a P365? Ugh. https://www.sigsauer.com/firearms/pistols/p365.html
  5. Preventing Theft of Your Lightning

    CAP lock on due to chip shortage.
  6. software update installed -- specifically addresses the modem issue

    So that I’m not crazy (up for debate). What does the screen show if you into Software Updates menu in the truck? App says updated, truck showed Updated, now shows waiting Download, as seen above. BTW, still on revision 640 so nothing has updated per Sync.
  7. Preventing Theft of Your Lightning

    They only want your tail lights. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/people-keep-stealing-ford-f-150-taillights/
  8. Departure time / preconditioning stopped entirely?

    Mine doesn’t always precondition when set. It’s a gamble…on my way out…did it or not today? :unsure:
  9. software update installed -- specifically addresses the modem issue

    After waiting over a week for 4.2.1, tried fuse pull, BMS reset. App said updated but truck showed Ready for Download. I put the truck on a trickle charger this morning. Updated to this release! Maybe a coincidence. Swear it showed Update Completed. Went and checked again. Back to download.
  10. What is the average price for Sun run installed home integration system?

    SunRun does not service my area. I have Regerts. Just run an RV extension power with outlets. Yep, a PITA, but until we get competent electricians that don’t say WTF. After research, I can probably get licensed and just do myself.
  11. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    A week later. Still showing ‘Download Ready’. Sent the Feedback from truckster. BMS reset, fuse 32, blah blah. Next is move trickle charger from bike to POS.
  12. What is the average price for Sun run installed home integration system?

    Not sure in my area. I ordered the SunRun HIS and Ford Pro Charger. I’ve had 4 electricians come by and gawk at it. 1 came by twice. Still looking… Until then I’ll add a 50amp breaker and use the 240 mobile charger. Will add to panel this weekend. Afterwards, I just I’ll just add a plug and have...

    the Mercedes AA. https://www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live/video/new-mercedes/3021121
  14. Is mine the only state that punishes folks for buying an EV?

    But I don’t buy 714 gallons of truck gas to break even.
  15. How many Lightnings have you seen in the wild?

    I think I saw a Pro once. I have never seen a Rivian. A lot of Tesla cars. Cyber truck is a unicorn too.
  16. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Good to know. I’ll just wait out and see if it ever downloads. App says Update Successful but truck shows ready for dl.
  17. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Missing menu item “Ready for Download”. :sneaky: Did BMS reset, pulled the fuse. Haven’t disconnect 12v yet nor driven. Is connected to home Wi-FI.
  18. Console tray

    Cool. Just should of picked up the OG. BestEvMod for F-150 Lightning Accessories Storage Box Organizer Center Console Tray Compatible with Ford F150 F-150 Lightning 2022 2023 (Black) https://a.co/d/hOsaa8o