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Search results

  1. Center and rear cup inserts

    Anyone have any recommendations for center and rear inserts? The front ones have tension on the sides via plastic and springs, but the center and back don’t have those and I worry about larger drinks spilling easier (ie McDonalds).
  2. Lightning vs Water Height / Wading Depth?

    So normally in any vehicle you don’t want to above a certain number of inches from the ground in order to avoid the engine ingesting water and hydro locking or blocking the exhaust. In this case, we obviously have no engine but motors with a sealed battery. Even though the motors and...
  3. How’s your Lightning doing in the cold?

    I didn’t see a thread on this topic so I figured I would start one. Vehicle was preconditioned to medium and plugged in during that time. Starting charge was 90%. Battery temperature wasn’t at mid as you see in the picture, but little by little it hit mid as I drove. I have the Platinum, so I...
  4. Will companies adopt the Tesla NACS and drop CCS?

    With Tesla opening up its patents on the Tesla connector over a month back, do we think companies will adopt the Tesla NACS and drop CCS? Also, what would it take to build a high-amperage Tesla NACS to CCS connector? I know there are a few companies making a CCS to NACS (including Tesla), but...
  5. B&O Unleashed - audio not as loud

    When driving home today, I noticed that the speakers didn’t sound right. For one, it wasn’t as loud, and secondly it felt like some of the speakers were not firing. So being in IT, I figured I would try to reboot the APIM, but that didn’t fix it. I then tried to reboot my iPhone, again no...
  6. OTA Software Update sizes (bytes)

    I have the ability to track how many bytes are going in/out along with a history of bytes in/out on my network. After looking at this data, I rarely see downloads/uploads over a few MB in size. How large are these OTA updates, PowerUps or Priority?
  7. New efficiency record… lol

    I know this is a fluke between driving/charging, but it’s still funny and would be a nice wish someday.
  8. Temporarily lost power to front motors

    So I was driving on the highway, and it was 37 degrees F. I came to a stop (red light), and noticed that half of my available powertrain was gone. So then I tried to accelerate, and notice its not the same as it should be and only the rear motors are accelerating/getting regen. On the next...
  9. Turn off center sync display

    Does anyone know if its possible to turn off the whole display at night? I had a F150 PB and it gave that option, but nothing for the F150L.
  10. Charging off-grid?

    This is not just about the F150L, but relates to all EVs in general. Thinking on whats going on in the world at the moment and what could happen... how can one charge off-grid? I know there are small LION battery backups to the more expensive "Powerwalls" along with solar panels... but are...
  11. People don’t seem to care…

    I was in Dorney Park in PA this past weekend, and there was a large Ford Transit parked next to my truck. They parked so close to my truck that I have no idea even how the driver got out. Possibly due to that, I believe they put a slight dent under the fake charging port. Again, it’s very...
  12. Charging Door Opened When Driving

    Has anyone had their charging door opening when driving? I was driving along at highway speeds when I received notification on the dash. When I arrived at my destination (around 4 minutes away) I took a look, and the door was fully open. Has that happened to anyone before?
  13. Deep Water Fording and F150 Lightning?

    So I have been watching quite a few YT videos on different types of cars going through really deep water. Some fail, while some succeed. I wonder how our F150L would fair in this "test". Example video:
  14. Interviews on Lightning: Jim Farley, Linda Zhang, Doug Field and Darren Palmer

    Normally, I don't promote videos, but I feel that this is one of those exceptions: Ford Interview | CEO Jim Farley, Chief Engineer Linda Zhang, and Chief EV Officer Doug Field Ford F-150 Lightning: Exclusive Interview With Ford VP, Darren Palmer
  15. Wind noise?

    How is the wind (or road) noise in your F150L? For some reason, I think my 2021 F150 Lariat PowerBoost was quieter going down the highway.
  16. What do you set your "Home" charge limit to?

    Usually manufacturers say you can charge to 100% without issues, however lots of people like myself only charge to a certain limit to preserve the battery life more. Besides trips, what do you normally charge your battery level to on a daily basis?
  17. Portable EVSE Amps over 110v/120v

    Over 110v/120v, do we know if the portable Ford EVSE is 8A or 12A? If 8, and can we try to set it to 12A?
  18. Possible case of solvent popping

    I was going over my vehicle and noticed I might have a slight case of solvent popping near the frunk. Overall it doesn’t impact the car, and it’s not really that’s noticeable as only a few “small pops”. Should I bother reporting it to the dealer or just leave it alone? I think I have 30 days to...
  19. Normal front end behavior?

    So I literally just picked up our F150L and I love the truck, but after just driving my 21 F150 PowerBoost to the lot for the trade in maybe 20 minutes before, I feel there is an interesting behavior when going over bumps. I don’t feel like the suspension is loose, but I feel like there’s not...