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Search results

  1. Brake Coach Won't Toggle On/Off Help Please!

    I noticed mine toggling back on when i switch to a different profile and back, but my toggle with OK does work. can you change to a different profile and try again?
  2. Frunk Died. Water intrusion? Nearing a month at the dealer with unknown timeline and Ford corporate terrible communication.

    as in no beep noise and it wont open up with the button below the frunk latch? Press and hold the button about a second and it usually works for me. If you use PAAK, it may be connectively issue when the phone puts the phone in a standby mode. Open the app so it wakes up.
  3. What did you replace with your Lightning?

    Switched my DD from a 2016 mustang gt to the lightning.
  4. F150 Lightning FORscan thread

    I noticed when high beam was auto enabled, I don't see the high beam blue icon. I also noticed that if I enabled high beam manually, the auto headlight green icon goes away. Thought I did something wrong but it seems to be the expected result.
  5. How to launch the Lightning

    gonna go give it a shot now. I never noticed one pedal drive feeling sluggish on launch. Won't turn it off though, I love it as a feature in traffic and gotten used it it from driving the tesla. EDIT: I did some testing. No noticeable difference in my butt dyno.
  6. Pro Level 2 charge maxes out at 10.5 kW

    smiliar results here with the Tesla wall charger and the lectron 48 amp adapter.
  7. Tesla to open ~20% of U.S. Superchargers to all EV by end of 2024

    the common opinion is this will hurt tesla sales given that tesla supercharger network is far ahead of all the rest of the ev networks combined. But I think this actually will help tesla sales by showing how reliable tesla supercharger network works. lol
  8. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    my rep hasn't gotten back to me. Told me last week, that she'd contact my local dealer the next day and get back to me. I emailed again yesterday, waiting for a response...
  9. This is Ruining Electric Cars [Auto Focus Youtube]

    you're right, majority of drive can be accomdated by level 2. But the rare cases where they we may need it, it feels like gambling to find a good working charger. I'm glad your chargers work. I haven't tried EvGO, theyre a bit sparse from where I tend to travel.
  10. This is Ruining Electric Cars [Auto Focus Youtube]

    honestly, how the hell am i supposed to recommend a non tesla EV vehicle to any of the older generation people? I tried to charge three times outside personally, EA charger stalls selective dont work, a non exist EA charger location obtained from the ford nav unit (my fault i guess??) and...
  11. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    part of the 8/29 build week. 9/1 in production. officially built 9/19. im part of ur group i believe.
  12. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    Just called again. First call got into the marketing department and she tried to transfer me but it it gave me the automated survey and hung up on me. Second time it got me an agent from EV marketing and she transfered me successful to somebody, she told asked for my CAS number and then said...
  13. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    alright will do on monday. thank you
  14. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    i dont think they gave me the "electric vehicle team". LMAO. Ill call the dealership and have them have the parts before taking in my truck.
  15. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    right but its saturday so my dealership service dept is closed. A direct call to the dealership would save you some time from dealing with the automated prompts. called twice, first time the ext was busy and second time I didnt even have an opportunity to enter the extension and got a random rep.
  16. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    Just called the number, they just told me to contact the dealer to schedule the appointment and that the dealer will have the information from this email. Saved ya'll a phone call I guess.
  17. Notice From Ford: Battery Replacement Needed

    My email is slightly different, says to email back or call my reps extension. I thought that was interesting.
  18. BlueCruise rated #1 in Consumer Reports 2023 Driver Assistance Rankings

    I dont like Consumer Reports. I dont know the exact criterias in this testing, but iirc for example in their infotainment reliability testing, it wasn't actually based on reliability but based on who complained about x y z instead of actual reliability. I love my lightning more than my model 3...