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Search results

  1. Chirping Alarm on Startup?

    Got my Lightning late December, this just started earlier this week. When I turn the truck on I hear a chirping alarm sounding noise coming from the area around the headlight controls. When I first heard it, it wasn't even a full chirp. The next day it did a fill chirp, the next time 2-3...
  2. Washington LTB: Stock Running Boards

    Looking to add someones take offs to my Pro.
  3. Tonneau Range Savings? ~10%?

    Just watched todays YouTube release by EV Buyers Guide (Alex on Autos) and toward the end (15:50) he mentions the Tonneau cover can save you around 10% on range. I haven't heard him say this in any of his other videos, maybe its on one of his podcasts. Anyone else experience or find similar?
  4. How many more months for day 1 reservation holders?

    I’ve been waiting quietly and patiently, but any guesses which month Ford will have finally invited all of us day 1 reservation holders?
  5. Home Integration Kit Data and Pricing For F-150 Lightning = $3,700

    Didn't see this posted anywhere yet. Under the downloads tab is a Datasheet PDF https://aeeexpress.com/crs/storeus/browse/productDetailSingleSku.jsp?productId=0000000664
  6. 2022 Lightning Battery Capacity = 98 kWh Standard Range and 131 kWh Extended Range + Trims Comparison Chart

    From tonight’s live stream - the battery sizes were revealed: 98 kWh standard range battery capacity 131 kWh extended range battery capacity Platinum trim will have a estimated range of 280 miles
  7. Pro Cab AC Power Outlet, 20A or only 3.3A??

    Maybe this falls under the "preproduction/similated images" disclaimer, but I was comparing the dash/console pictures of the Pro to the Platinum. The AC power cover clearly says AC 120V 20A, but the Pro cover says AC 120V 400W Max. Has anyone see this detailed? The spec sheet isn't clear.