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  1. Pro Audio Upgrade

    The wire is at the connector at the door jamb where the door harness connects. It is not a splice but is a second wire in the pin.

    This is really good. Maybe we wont have to listen to the complaints from anti-EV people about the batteries being another nuclear waste type debacle with no solution.
  3. Ford Increasing Lightning Production In Response To Strong Customer Demand

    The good thing with increasing production is that dealer markups are beginning to disappear because of expensive Lariats sitting on lots. I know we have several without markups at our store. We have one with missing features for an 89K MSRP. It is a hard sale for an awesome truck vs the ICE...
  4. Lightning High Voltage HV Battery Module Repair Video

    I second what Steve is saying. Dealers that are certified have all the needed equipment and most have several techs with the HV battery training which is actually the next level above the regular EV training. Anyone that thinks Ford proactively contacting customers with a battery issue is a...
  5. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    The only thing I like about the portrait screen is the streaming apps. Everything else is horrible.
  6. my bluecruise is active on any road

    They should not build any Cruise control system without adaptive functions. I couldnt care less about the lane centering or Blue CruiseHF.
  7. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    Nope…. We aren’t kicking you out of this thread. You are our comic relief.😁
  8. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Most 12 v batteries should measure 12.6 volts fully charged. They have 6 cells that each are capable of 2.1 volts. Open voltage though is not the only input to battery SOC. The sensor on your negative post sends data to the responsible module(usually the BCM) and extrapolates a state of charge...
  9. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Hopefully this alleviates some of the guessing about whether or not 12v SOC is inhibiting downloaded OTA’s. I pulled several forum members vins over the weekend(with their permission). In every instance the inhibiting condition was 12v SOC.
  10. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    Yep… That rate frigging sucks. My Pro I did the Options plan at 3.99%. I didn’t want the risk if the resale value plummeted. Most of what we are seeing with falling values and inventory becoming available is because of the rates. I am so glad I did not do a standard finance on mine. I guess Ford...
  11. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    Start leasing out the Rivian and tell her it’s a side hustle.
  12. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    I did it with FDRS. I really don’t want to use Forscan on this truck. Big brother is watching too closely. I am not sure if Forscan will do it anyway. Forscan is good for unlocking and configuring access to software/hardware already installed. They will probably have to install quite a bit of...
  13. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    We currently have three Lariats all at MSRP. I almost traded mine but I really don’t want a divorce.
  14. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    By the way.. I am still loving my truck. I’ve updated all the modules manually since it never got an OTA after 3.5.2 Now I am waiting for Ford to add something that makes the $10 a month streaming service worth paying for. I want YouTube or something. Alexa just ain’t worth it. On a...
  15. ✅ 7/11 Lightning Build Week Group

    Mannequin… wow I haven’t heard that word in a while..
  16. 22-PU-1009-MIL-DTE (Update to Distance To Empty calculation)

    If you send me your vin I will check and see if 12 v state of charge is stopping the update.