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Search results

  1. Lightning's Propower Onboard saves Ioniq 5's day at Tesla Magic Dock Supercharger (in Motortrend charging test)

    Was planning to visit this charger this summer while camping. Might have to have a plan B.
  2. California 2022 Lariat ER with Max Tow, 511A Package ($92k)

    Located in Los Angeles County. 3,000 miles in great shape. Had this since November 2022. $92k. Includes factory spray in bedliner and bak flip revolver tonneau cover. Has equipment group 511A, Bluecruise, and max trailer tow package. Extended Range battery. Please feel free to reach out with...
  3. Ford Pass stopped updating

    I have 4.1.3 and have this issue as well.
  4. BlueCruise rated #1 in Consumer Reports 2023 Driver Assistance Rankings

    I’ve used teslas autopilot for about five years now and bluecruise for about two months. I feel autopilot is a more capable system. It has better lane centering. Bluecruise switches from hands off to hands on mode constantly for me. You can’t really depend on it to do the steering for you like...
  5. Interior Condensation

    The carpet under the rear seats appear to be dry. The other area that had condensation was the sun glass holder. They are in two very different locations in the truck that’s why I believe it’s condensation instead of a leak.
  6. Interior Condensation

    Anyone experiencing a lot of condensation in the cab of the truck during wet weather? My sunglasses were really wet in the sun glass compartment. I thought there was a leak at first but couldn’t find anything. I also keep a bike tire pump under my back seats and noticed the pump was really wet...
  7. Issues with trucks delivered recently (modem/OTA)?

    I’m in the same boat. The link says I have updates pending but I have no idea on how to get it to update. I called Ford and they told me to check settings which I already set and still no update. My truck says it’s already up to date. I have had the truck since 11/11/22 and have yet to receive a...
  8. Issues with trucks delivered recently (modem/OTA)?

    I had to call Ford to resolve. The key is getting to the right department. https://www.f150gen14.com/forum/threads/blue-cruise-stopped-working-all-the-sudden.12740/post-288438
  9. Growing pains going from Autopilot to Bluecruise

    Totally agree on the confusing various modes of BlueCruise. For me I'd rather not even use the hands-on version because it requires torque instead of sensing my hands and it requires that torque very often. In my opinion Rivian has the best sensors for hands-on since they are capacitive I...
  10. Growing pains going from Autopilot to Bluecruise

    I guess I'm in the opposite camp. I liked how Autopilot worked more completely. Sometimes with BlueCruise you don't even know it gave up which can be scary. The alerts are too subtle. Like you said BlueCruise requires full attention because it gives up often whereas Autopilot might lure you...
  11. Growing pains going from Autopilot to Bluecruise

    I've noticed BlueCruise Handsfree will just give up and require me to take over pretty often on the freeways whereas Tesla Autopilot worked pretty much all the time on the freeways.
  12. Early Access / Early Adopter for beta OTA - how to get into it ?

    I just got accepted today as well. Hoping that will help with getting updates. I've had the truck over a month now and still haven't received a single update yet.
  13. FordPass on Sync 4a Screen

    Icon showed up for me. Strange that you have to have the app open on your phone while accessing the app drawer on the truck. iPhone 14 Pro. I gave permissions on the truck and now can operate zone lighting from the phone app. Thanks @TaxmanHog
  14. FordPass on Sync 4a Screen

    Yeah I didn't see Ford Pass in my Apps either. I could have sworn it was there recently too but got removed when Ford fixed my BlueCruise and Alexa issues. I recall there being the zone lighting in the app previously too but it's not there anymore. It's hard to keep track of the changes.
  15. Pro Power on by default when truck starts

    I set my minimum range to 300 miles and that for the most part shuts off pro power. In my opinion it doesn’t make much sense to keep the inverters on when they aren’t being used.
  16. California Ford Charge Station Pro New in Box

    $900. Have existing charger and didn’t need it Located in Pomona. Local pick up only. Brand new in box. Retail is $1310. https://chargers.ford.com/products/ford-charge-station-pro
  17. Anybody else notice the slight "Click" when starting off either in forward or reverse?

    I’ve already provided my VIN and other info already via PM for other issues. The clicking can be added on to the list.
  18. Anybody else notice the slight "Click" when starting off either in forward or reverse?

    I’m getting the clicking noise as well. Have only had the truck for about a week now. I don’t t think it’s normal. My tesla made a difference type of clicking noise which the service center had to tighten something to stop the clicking sound.
  19. What's your Miles/kWh average so far?

    Pretty interesting that almost 18% are getting between 2.4-2.6 as an average. They must be super efficient.
  20. What's your Miles/kWh average so far?

    I’ve only had my truck a short time and have averaged about 2.1 miles/kWh over the last 200 miles. Was wondering what others are getting and over how many miles does that number represent.