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Search results

  1. CarPlay Resize?

    Fordpass has an update section that has the write up, should be the same as in the truck.
  2. CarPlay Resize?

    If you read the full power up it does state that the resizing was for pro/xlt small screen. Android auto was changed also with that power up, the dumb nav screen stays on the top half and blank, can't get rid of it. Epic fail from ford.
  3. BlueCruise 1.2 updated? But not?

    Ya, they've been teasing this for a couple months but no actual update yet.
  4. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    No, they opened it up in November of 2022. Long long after either model was designed, built and sold.
  5. PRO Pickup tomorrow. How I am prepared for price protection.

    The order has price protection, reservations don't. It's up to the customer and the dealer to clarify the pricing at order. If you sign for one price, there isn't rolling much back. Regardless, the 8.35% is more of a ding than its worth.
  6. PRO Pickup tomorrow. How I am prepared for price protection.

    I see the original price protection program from Ford will be removed at purchase. So that should cover $7000. The other increases and dealer fees are questionable. I have a feeling they won't bend on the pro model as it's gone fleet now but good luck.
  7. PRO Pickup tomorrow. How I am prepared for price protection.

    The reservation fine print. The fully refundable $100 does not guarantee anything and it's returned to you when you cancel your reservation or purchase a truck.
  8. PRO Pickup tomorrow. How I am prepared for price protection.

    You turned down the first order available at msrp because no pros. You are then subject to price increase. $100 comes back to you automatically at purchase. The rest is between you and the dealer.
  9. Emporia Charger, 48 amp

    That is correct, it can be installed in almost any panel and works great at the 48amp setting.
  10. Is this the New EV charger solution for cities

    Sure, if you want to pay more for the convenience. Battery swapping is great for 247 fleet operations but I would prefer just to charge at home. As with most things, there is never a one size fits all solution, more options are better.
  11. Vehicle Property Tax Issues

    In my jurisdiction you pay tax when you purchase a vehicle. The price is based on dealer invoice when new and then based on book or declared value, whichever is higher, for used sales. I think they use KBB for value. What is this "property tax" you're talking about though?
  12. I need advise, opinion, thoughts (Just trying to make sure I consider the options and impacts)

    Okay then, get a platinum lightning and don't nickel and dime yourself. The powerboost imo isn't a great hybrid design.
  13. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

    Yes, they threw a giant battery, same 212kw as the hummer I'm guessing, into their truck. In miles per kw of advertised range that would make the Chev less efficient than the lightning by quite a bit. However, it should help ev's get adopted by the "I need 1000 miles of range everyday or I...
  14. Ford Mobile Charger at Campsite 30amp

    As everyone says, it's probably a 120v 30a RV outlet. However, the Ford Mobil power cord draws 32a continuous at 240v and requires a minimum circuit of 40amps.
  15. Scary drive home… sunroof shattered

    Had it happen in a Subaru once, hopefully you can get it fixed quick. Debris from above.
  16. Ford Charge Station Pro not connecting to Pro Charger app for initial set up

    I think a lot of connectivity issues are coming right from the Ford servers as I've had this message pop up in the last week or so:
  17. Extra trip appearing in FPA

    Fordpass app drive log data is absolute unreliable rubbish. It's bad, the app is bad, the connectivity is bad. Worst part of the truck is the app.
  18. How to.... Raise/Vent the sunroof with the shade closed

    All of the modern vehicles I've driven with sunroofs don't let you have the shade closed with roof open. Haven't even tried the truck yet as I like the whole window view.