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Search results

  1. Ford pro charger solenoid is clicking on and off every 10 seconds. Anyone have this happen?

    Hey guys, I'll try to upload a video. It's acting strange. Doesn't seem to be charging. Scheduled to charge at midnight.
  2. What is the average price for Sun run installed home integration system?

    I'm curious what the average price is for this. Not including any solar or additional batteries. Just straight pro charger install and HIS
  3. Heater question during charging....

    Can anyone tell me why when I turn on heat full blast I'm not getting any hot air? Or has anyone experienced this? I'm at a hospital charging at a level 2. It started fogging up as it's cold in San diego. ( 53* brrrr!!! Sorry Midwest peeps. Much respect to you guys!) BUT for the life of...
  4. Erratic charge rate from mobile charger

    Just comparing notes... has anyone else noticed random erratic charge rates? It should have charged to 90% last night easily. But it stalled out at about 77%. Not that I need it today ( sunday) but it's strange that this happens randomly. The mobile charger seems to charge fine at first...
  5. I need help finding lost miles!

    I just lost 30 miles of range overnight! Is this normal for " cold weather"? Here in San diego it's been getting around low 40's at night but during the day its 60s to 70s. I always am plugged in or conditioned. So yesterday evening my ranged dropped to 200 miles and then again today. My...
  6. Reduced power with no Fault code

    My truck reduced power to 56% on one trip. I shut down and restarted and it went back to 100%. One interesting thing I noticed. I had a hunch to check the energy usage display and it showed that the front axle motor was not moving the truck nor was it recharging the battery, also the front...
  7. Charging power fluctuations with 32a travle charger

    Good morning. I'm currently using the 32a charger as I'm upgrading my service to 200. Besides the problems with cabinet heat being sporadic and yesterday not charging at all to today charging to 100 percent without me making it.( all other days in the past 2 weeks have charged to 90%...
  8. Icon is making a 2 inch lift for the Lighting.

    Hey People. I was looking at a lighting auction on Bring a trailer site. Found this post in the discussion. Looks like Icon has a lighting in possession for R&D.
  9. My dealer says they cannot get my vin number until truck is built

    As the title states. El cajon ford sales rep said they cannot get me my Vin number until its built. I saw the thread with hacking my order page but I think I'm doing it wrong as I cannot see the Vin in the code. I need the Vin so I can start my finance with my bank. ( I have other...
  10. How long does it take for an ordered lightning to recieve a vin #?

    Hey People. I just placed the order for my truck on 6/14. And based on advice the dealer gave me I sold my current truck ( 2020 silverado 2500 LTZ gas). The new owner is taking it early next week. So ill be without a vehicle until my lighting arrives. Ford dealer told me that I should...