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  1. Is It Possible to Split Screen Radio and Android Auto for Maps/Navigation?

    Hello? Sorry if this was a stupid question, or does it not have an answer?
  2. Is It Possible to Split Screen Radio and Android Auto for Maps/Navigation?

    Sorry if this has been addressed. When I plug my Android phone into my Lightning, it is possible to split the screen between navigation (Google Maps or Waze) and the media played through the Android phone. However, after many attempts, it does not seem possible to split the navigation screen...
  3. BlueCruise Subscription Price Increased to $800/yr for All Renewals

    Who pays $150 for Sirius/XM? I don't subscribe any more, but never paid more than $5/month ($60 for year) by calling to cancel and continuing to beat them down until they offered me that rate.
  4. Raised reflective letters installed on tailgate and charge door

    Looks great against the red and the gray one posted above. Do the outlines match the raised color on the Lightning logo on the rear quarter panel of the truck? My color is Atlas Blue metallic, and not sure if that blue would look good against the Atlas Blue background.
  5. Future “Exhaust sounds?”

    As an update, the wooden shim has done some good, for the ride home from the office after the car has been sitting in the warm sun all day. In the morning, not so much, but I think the problem is still at where the dashboard and the A-Post vinyl trim meet. Don't have the time to go to the...
  6. Future “Exhaust sounds?”

    Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out. I'm fairly certain the creak is originating from between the A Post vinyl trim and the dashboard, or between the dashboard and the door. I need to move her seat up and I am going to give her a wooden shim to see if we can make that annoying creak go away...
  7. Future “Exhaust sounds?”

    Two things. My Lightning is too quiet, and so much so that I hear an annoying creaking sound coming from the passenger side dashboard that my wife cannot diagnose while I am driving, and she refuses to drive the Lightning. So to compensate, I crank up loud music to drown out the creaking...
  8. First road trip to Chatham, Massachusetts

    Howdy, neighbor. I recognize your location. I'm not far from you at all on the other side of the same town. That's good to know. We have a 2022 ER Lariat. Questions: 1. How long did it take to recharge at the first Madison, Conn Stop? 2. Same question for Hyannis Stop 3. Same question for...
  9. Do you use AM Radio?

    When my Sirius/XM subscription was about to expire with my Lightning, trying to cancel by phone (could not do it online) was more painful than a root canal. I kept getting "I need to check with my supervisor" and you will have to call back. I refused. 25 minutes later, I got a cancellation...
  10. Do you use AM Radio?

    Live Feed: http://ice8.securenetsystems.net/KKINAM
  11. Do you use AM Radio?

    Try KKLD out of Prescott/Cottonwood, AZ, The Cloud. Great station. More of a soft rock, hits of the 1970s/1980s vibe, but still a solid station. It's an FM station though.
  12. One pedal driving

    Temps in NJ are in the 50-60's in the morning, still stuck at 1.8 driving on the Garden State Parkway. Have tried keeping it at 65 mph for the commute instead of the usual 70-80 mph. No difference. On a 37 mph commute, usually lose about 50 miles of range. No heat or AC used. Does...
  13. Ford Power-Up 4.2.2 is live

    To clarify- I distinctly recall pre- update, I was able to scroll through my radio (Sirius/XM) channels in the bottom of the screen while I had my Android plugged in and Android Auto was active with the map on the top the screen. Post update, in order to see my radio channels, I need to toggle...
  14. Charge station pro Ford Pass connection issue

    Having the same issue. Called the 1 (800) 392-3673 number on the FCSP Manual, they directed me to the Houston battery center- I told them, "Houston, I have a problem," and they directed me to power the unit off for 35-40 minutes, wait for it to come back up, and then try connecting. Will...
  15. How much $$$ do you make?

    Same here. We are very frugal and scrupulous savers. Have long wanted a pickup truck, but could never justify owning one with poor mpg of ICE pickups. With the tax credits and no sales tax in NJ, this made sense. Plus, we are doing solar, so charging will cost us virtually nothing, and no...
  16. Ford Power-Up 4.1.2 Software OTA Update Pushed!

    Mine pushed out last evening. Seems it may eventually get pushed out to you? Check the message center on your FordPass app for notifications, or you will see it when you start the vehicle.
  17. Ford Power-Up 4.1.2 Software OTA Update Pushed!

    No update so far. Have not been checking the forums much lately. Maybe I should stop coming here, and I will not be wondering about what I am missing out on. ;) But this update looks really good. I want it, and I want it now!!! EDIT--Well, well, well, it updated, and so far I like it a lot!!!
  18. Who here has taken delivery of a Lightning and had NO issues with it?

    Same here, except took delivery in early November. The Ford Pass app kinda sucks. Every time I open the app, it tells me my garage is empty with no vehicle, but then eventually wakes up. Set up phone as a key, and it keeps telling me to set up phone as a key. And the Ford Charge Station Pro...
  19. ER Lightning- Cannot Charge Past 265 Miles?

    I appreciate your detailed thoughts in this thread. We run our small business on a principle of total transparency. Manufacturers of EVs would be well-served to adopt a similar principle. All we seem to see is the maximum advertised range, without a peep about how range will decline...