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  1. BlueCruise Subscription Price Increased to $800/yr for All Renewals

    The real value point, I believe, is Copilot 360 Assist 2.0 (not available Pro and XLT Lo, only XLT Hi and Lariat Lo). “Assist” has traffic aware cruise control w/stop-and-go, and has lane centering (not just lane keeping), on any roads with good markings. Only things Bluecruise adds to that...
  2. Visit to Electrify America - Wow

    The incentive to fix them ought to be avoidance of revenue losses. If that isn’t the only necessary incentive, then their prices are way too low. Premise: Fast-DC charging is for road-tripping, when you MUST depend on it (routine day-to-day charging is done at home, most economically)...
  3. 2023 F-150 Lightning Order Banks Open 5/9/23 (No Reservation Required)

    My comment referred to the incorrect info from the Ourisman Ford message in chl’s post: “Last but not least, the Max Trailer Tow Package (available only with Extended Range Battery) increased $100 to $1100.”
  4. 2023 F-150 Lightning Order Banks Open 5/9/23 (No Reservation Required)

    Max Tow “only available with ER battery”? Since when? Max Tow Pkg is available on SR battery pack, per B&P (and also, on my order!)
  5. Tonneau or not to Tonneau -- any efficiency improvements ?

    Most truck tonneaus are soft, not hard. The negative aerodynamic effect of flapping canvas (even very slight flapping) is probably worse than no tonneau at all. Best bet for improved drag coefficient would be low-profile hard tonneau (it must be rigid).
  6. Battery cooling - max tow versus standard tow?

    I think EV purchases in 2023 need to be made with an eye toward the future: software updates will happen as operating data accumulates. As 350kW+ DC fastcharging becomes commonplace, and if data-from-experience confirms safe charging at higher power levels, software updates will allow faster...
  7. 2023 Pro Standard Range - CSP 10kWh max

    At what voltage? Lower-than-240vAC supply voltage (say, from 205v-240v) could account for the lower kW.
  8. 2023 Pro Standard Range - CSP 10kWh max

    Supply voltage is also a variable- at home I have 240v, at work about 205v; while the allowable current seems fixed by the EVSE (or the vehicle’s charger), the lower voltage (205vac) results in about 15% lower kW into the vehicle.
  9. Lightning PRO trim -- what are the must have options from the factory?

    $45k? Doesn’t Pro start at $60k, before any options added?
  10. VIN Trim Level Keeps Changing - Have You Noticed This?

    If even trim level is not ID’d in VIN, then how does IRS confirm EV Tax Credit qualification, including MSRP? Is there a database, looking up MSRP by VIN? I doubt it- and I further doubt that IRS has ability to tell the difference between a $79,000 and an $81,000 Lightning, except as part of a...
  11. Future Battery Upgrades?

    It seems likely to me that ‘22-‘23 SR packs may be replaceable with SR packs from the new plant (USA) Ford is building with CATL (Chinese global leader in LFP battery technology). MME is getting these LFP packs in 2024. Likely same or smaller size pack, but potentially more usable range...
  12. Anyone doing the Ford Options plan?

    Options offers protection in case residual values of 2023 Lightnings tank in 2026. Who knows? There may be much more attractive vehicles on the market then, and several more E-trucks. Options plan transfers the excess-depreciation risk to Ford (much like a lease does, but since Options is...
  13. Charging loss or some other issue...?

    How can you get more than 11.5kW from 48Ax240v? Are you confusing “kWh added” with kW charging rate? (are your numbers 17.5, 13.1, and 4.3, kW or kWh?)
  14. FordPass App 4.25.0 released w/ Charge Rate Indicator!

    The rate for home charging is voltage (usually around 220v) x charger current setting (usually 40A on NEMA 48-50 outlet); so, 8.8kW from start to finish (rate doesn’t throttle down like in fast DC charging, so there’s really no need to monitor home charging rated ).
  15. Any future Lightning buyers swaying purchase due to changes in tax credit coming up next month ? Under $80K MSRP only

    I’m not sure it’s fair to blame Ford delays for the unfair aspects of the EV Tax Credit. If EV adoption is the goal, then why does it matter who buys them? (aka income limits) Why does it matter what the price of the EV is? (the are plenty of ICE choices above $80k, why shouldn’t we incentivize...
  16. Ford F-150 Lightning Lariat Range and Fast-Charging Test: Better Than Platinum [Motortrend]

    The “low-hanging fruit” is not more range, but FASTER FDC CHARGING rates. More range is not the answer (that’s ICE-thinking), it’s faster charging that will make all the difference. Increase the pack voltage to at least 400v, solve the associated technical challenges, and the Lightning will be...
  17. Range Super Low? Lariat ER at 1.7kwh

    Teslas are not just smaller, aerodynamic, and with lower rolling-resistance tires. Tesla’s thermal management and power regeneration are best-in-class. If Tesla made a light truck (and someday they will), it would be a 2-3mi/kWh marvel. The Tesla Semi has 1.7mi/kWh efficiency, for crying out...
  18. Electricity America and overall charging Epic Fail

    Fast DC charging (non-Tesla) is the “illegitimate child” of the EV industry- no one loves it, and no one will accept responsibility for it! The solution is simple, really: if fast dc charging was offered at $1/kWh, no operator could afford to have a charger down, and there would be a waiting...