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  1. BlueOval Charge Network Trial Extended One Year Complimentary

    You and me both. I didn't know I was going to have to pay after 2 years. Where was that in the fine print? LOL
  2. Forbes article on Fords adopting NACS

    As long as I can use Tesla SuperChargers, I won't complain if I have to use an app. I do prefer the way it works when I charge the Tesla, but charging my Lightning at Tesla's SC is going to be great.
  3. Forbes article on Fords adopting NACS

    Ford Motor company has announced that starting next year, Fords will get access to Tesla’s supercharger network via an adapter sent to all owners, and later, new Fords will be made with the Tesla connector on them, allowing use without an adapter. This may mean the death of the “standard” CCS...
  4. T-Rex Range Extending Camper - 500 Miles while towing - (not clickbait)

    Understood. Thank you for sharing.....I can only imagine how much work went into all that you have done so far. Keep on Truckin.
  5. Does NACS (Tesla) support V2H?

    The length of the cables from the charge port to their end point in the Lightning will probably dictate the location. Self backing could be a real thing for the 2025 version.
  6. Does NACS (Tesla) support V2H?

    Purely a guess, but because of cost, my assumption is there will only be ONE charge port on the 2025 Gen 2 Lightning, and it will be the NACS. Munro Live did a breakdown comparison between the NACS and current CCS charging cables yesterday and Ford will be saving money by switching to NACS...
  7. FORD EMAIL: 05/15 Production delayed due to supply chain | But also Built? Window sticker no longer available

    I wonder when Ford will, if ever, offer the PRO with the extended battery. I think a lot of non-commercial business would be happy to buy a PRO model, but want the bigger range. IMO If Ford is going to ramp to 150,000 units per year by December, they will need units to sell that don't cost...
  8. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    I believe the adaptor will only be for current Ford EV Owners. Future Ford Vehicles, I believe, will only have the NACS aka Tesla connector.
  9. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    It is real. I listened to the Jim Farley - Elon chat today. Ford is going to ditch CCS and go to NACS starting 1st quarter of 2024. At the same time Tesla will open up 12,000 SuperCharger PODS to existing Ford EV drivers....using an adaptor. This is huge news. The move to NACS is on.
  10. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

    The Silverado would be a Lighting killer ONLY if they actually meet the range promised. AND if they built more than 2. AND if it doesn't cost $120,000. GM might build a handful of 450 mile range Silverados, at the same price they are charging for the Hummer. Who wants to spend $120K?
  11. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

    I hear ya. GM has only DELIVERED 1000 Lyriqs in the last 12 months. GMC delivered 2, count em, 2 Hummers in the first quarter of 2023. I don't watch much TV, but I have seen ads for both....so the cost of advertising them has to be more than what they sold the vehicles for. Doesn't make...
  12. Farley discusses 2nd Gen F-150 Lightning (Project T3) + Teaser Silhouette

    A lot of buyers will feel the same. The CyberTruck styling, and no color choices, won't be for everyone.
  13. Farley discusses 2nd Gen F-150 Lightning (Project T3) + Teaser Silhouette

    My guess is the 2nd Gen Lightning does not have to go Toe to Toe with the CyberTruck. The styling of the CyberTruck is not for everyone. Heck, some buyers actually will want to pick their favorite color! Yes the T-3 will need to be competitive in things like range, features, etc, but the...
  14. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

    Where can GM build the EV Silverado in volume? They barely build any Hummers and Lyriqs. How will GM build a lot of Silverados??
  15. Visit to Electrify America - Wow

    The thing is....EA doesn't really care. Whether they have happy customers/users is not that important to them.
  16. Visit to Electrify America - Wow

    I could go on and on about Electrify America. (Sometimes their PODs do work, but when first pulling up there is always that feeling that I am asking the black jack dealer to hit me....but don't drop a face card and bust me) Electrify America is still controlled by Volkswagen of America, which...
  17. 2024 Lightning

    Maybe some tweeks....like in the 2024 F150 ICE....but I would guess not much change. Behind the curtain, the SK Innovation builds the batteries for Ford, so it is possible SK Innovation makes small tweeks to their chemistry, but my guess it won't be significant. Battery manufacturers like SK...
  18. First long trip Lehigh Valley PA to Ocean City MD

    And the Biden Administration IRA money for Charging Stations is going to take several years to make it thru the process to the states, and then turn into Charging PODs we can use. Plus, there is a restriction that the PODS paid for with the Federal Money must be within 1 mile of an exit off a...
  19. How many Lightnings would Ford make this year?

    I would guess Ford will "sell" 100,000 Lightnings in 2023. They MAY have the capacity of 250,000 in 2024 but will there be enough buyers at the current price? Getting a Lariat, extended range battery, makes for an expensive truck. I know, I know, a loaded ICE truck can be pricey, but...