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  1. An Electrician’s Lightning

    My friend Alex who owns an electrical company installed my FCSP back in June last year and took me up on the offer to drive my truck. He liked it and ended up picking up a 2022 Lariat SR off the lot so he could get under the cap for the $7500 tax credit. Here are a couple photos of his truck...
  2. Ford Power-Up 4.2.2 is live

    Although some members have reported receiving , I haven’t seen anyone post 4.2.2 yet. It includes the ability to share voice feedback with Ford directly through the truck . Maybe they’d like feedback on the numbering system ?
  3. Polite and Easy ways to charge at Tesla Superchargers

    The first Tesla magic dock supercharger on Long Island went online this morning . I decided to give it a go and also post some pictures of what I believe to be the most polite places to park your car and charge in this scenario.
  4. Ford Power-Up 4.2.1 is here

    Looks like a minor update but it just came through.
  5. Hot Spot / Modem Issues after 4.1.3 . anyone else ?

    I believe I’ve read about people having issues with the onboard modem not working recently. In the past two weeks , the hotspot on my truck has not been broadcasting the SSID or allowing devices that remember my hotspot to connect when I turn on the truck . I have to go into settings and...
  6. Dashboard Display bug while DC charging?

    A couple days ago @Ford Motor Company posted here that if you use their navigation to navigate to A DC fast charger it will precondition the battery to accept a fast charge (like teslas) . They noted that the (doesn’t exist unless you are a mach-e) 3.6.2 update enabled this feature . Even...
  7. Received this wonderful gift from my wife for Christmas - Matchbox Lightning Car

    I don’t collect matchbox cars ( well I haven’t since I was 8 or 9) , but I loved this little gift I found under the tree . I noticed the major changes are the grill ( which is “closish” ) and the charging door which probably closes more reliably than my actual lightning . This will go right...
  8. Lightning doesn’t charge as scheduled after 4.1.1 update

    I woke up this morning to see my truck hadn’t charged the night before after 4.1.1 update . -My lightning is set to charge to 90% starting at 11:00 pm each night ( when the rate is lower from electricity provider ) - I have departure/ comfort settings set for each morning . Today the setting...
  9. 22-PU-1009-MIL-DTE (Update to Distance To Empty calculation)

    Coming on the heels of another Hoovies Garage Lightning video , we have a brand new (not 3.5.5) priority power up update installing on my truck right now. Of note : I did not receive 3.5.5 and this is one of those separately numbered updates like the tire pressure recall / phone as a key /...
  10. Lightning makes buzzing sound while charging.

    Just went outside to check on my truck something I’ve never noticed before was occurring . The truck is making a somewhat hi pitched buzzing sound . Charging started 13 minutes ago and it’s the coldest night I’ve ever charged during . Is this the truck warming the batteries before charging...
  11. National News Program looking for new owners for an on camera interview.

    I have to be a bit vague here, but in two weeks a national news program is doing a multi part special on new ev owners , the inflation reduction act and people who may have been financially strained to purchase a lightning or surprised / frustrated with additional costs . If you had to take on...
  12. Lightning with custom pizza delivery vehicle modifications 🍕

    Had to get a side hustle to pay for my truck so I made some custom modifications to it. 19” Custom rocket propulsion Magnetic stick on signage ( then I remembered my truck was aluminum )
  13. Phone As A Key (PAAK) update coming starting today to early builds.

    For members here with early build dates , I can confirm that PAAK is pushing to some lightnings as early as today . Mine is updating right now . This update does require downtime on the vehicle .
  14. Jeremy Clarkson reviews and LOVES the Lightning

    He hates battery-powered vehicles. So how did the Ford F-150 Lightning win him over? Jeremy Clarkson: I’ve fallen in love with an electric pick-up truck October 23 2022, The Sunday Times Last paragraph summary: I have no need for this car at all. It’s stupid. The steering wheel is on the...
  15. Check your tire pressure after your first service

    Just a heads up for anyone bringing their truck in for its first 10,000 mile service . Make sure your dealer inflates your tires to the correct PSI . Let me preface this by saying , I’m extremely happy with the Ford dealer that I’ve been buying vehicles from since I could drive . They also...
  16. “FordPass , We’ve been missing you”. E-mail

    Did anyone else receive this email today? I use FordPass everyday..
  17. According to my math Ford has 2 hours left to keep their PAAK promise .

    Enjoy that fun clickbaity title , but we have 2 hours left of Summer on the East Coast and I can promise you that my truck does not have phone as a key yet. https://www.theverge.com/2022/5/19/23131268/ford-f-150-lightning-truck-phone-as-key-delay On the bright side of things, if this was an...
  18. Does your lightning have these issues ?

    Does your lightning have the bent middle speaker grill or the plastic coming off one or both running boards ? See photos
  19. Would a 2 wheel drive mode be more efficient?

    I saw this post on Facebook , and even though Facebook groups are mainly filled with junk or reposts from here , I thought this would be fun to share because we have many knowledgeable people here . His question posted below . I’d follow up with , would this be possible with a software...
  20. BlueCruise Infrared flashes while charging

    I just noticed tonight for the first time that the blue cruise infrared flashes randomly at night while charging . Truck is locked and off . Check out this screen grab . Has anyone else noticed this ? I was hoping it might indicate a power up update. Edit: I’ve noticed other members have...