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Search results

  1. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

    The Lyriq has an option for 19.2 kW onboard charger like the Lightning, the Silverado will likely have a similar option, but at a battery that large, I would assume it will be standard.
  2. BlueCruise Subscription Price Increased to $800/yr for All Renewals

    I have yet to find value for BlueCruise compared to the Lane Centering with distance control I had in my 2016 Yukon. I can remove my hands from the steering wheel, but do not look at the screen, look right/left at your mirrors/blind spots or alarms will sound. Approaching a toll checkpoint on...
  3. Secure Charging at Home

    Back in my early days when I did not have a garage to charge in, I would use a Heavy Duty cord protector and run it under one of the tires. https://a.co/d/2wBOL7M
  4. Turns out you really can charge a Tesla from a Lightning ⚡

    I had this idea as well. Likely a good business model!
  5. Tonneau or not to Tonneau -- any efficiency improvements ?

    My buddy has a 2020 F-150 with a tri-fold hard cover, I ended up going with a bakflip revolver X4s. I went with the roll up because I liked the way it looked like a single piece on the back of the truck. His is good because you can fold up just the section you need. I will add that I prefer...
  6. Ford Power-Up 4.2.4 Software Released. Addresses Modem Connection Issue

    Anyone notice the warning tones changing with 4.2.4 or is it just my imagination?
  7. Article: Cybertruck is now a unibody vehicle

    I just want to know what the mods will be for that wiper blade and how much impact it has on range. if changing my rims causes a 10% loss, that thing has to contribute at least 15%...
  8. One pedal driving

    I have driven this way for years with other EVs, but I do believe this is something that needs to be addressed for all EVs and regen braking in those conditions. You can watch countless videos online with many spin outs in wet/cold/icy conditions.
  9. FCSP Software Version 2.112.77:2.135:1.18:0.39:0.48

    I have tried this in the past with little success. Sometimes FCSP connects to WiFi, Most times it does not
  10. FordPass App 4.25.0 released w/ Charge Rate Indicator!

    I stated the same. My ask was to just tell me if the doors are locked since the walk away lock with PAAK is not an option on the F150. I hear it functions that way on the Mach-E.
  11. DTE update fails 55+ times, 34 days at Dealer - No parts wait

    100% on the UI software to drive. it is really more on the promises made and not kept and the complete inability for the dealer to actually service the Lightning.
  12. Ford Power-Up 4.1.3 Software OTA Update Pushed video streaming and new games

    I went from 3.5.4 to 4.2.1 last week, still no UI update as I am still on 539 for Sync as well. I am on an early delivery build 6/2022 Platinum...
  13. Ford Power-Up 4.1.2 Software OTA Update Pushed!

    Ok, I was thinking it was just me. I have not received any early access as a part of the program. if anything, feels like it has pushed me back in the line. I have received surveys on my interest in vinyl wrapped color changes from the factory and if I want to be able to set charge limits in...
  14. DTE update fails 55+ times, 34 days at Dealer - No parts wait

    Update from Last week as I received the 4.2.1 update, sadly, still the same UI with no Camera button. But, hey, i did get the email promising me youtube streaming that is not there either.
  15. Confirmed Fix for MY23 FordPass Connectivity Issue = 4.2.1 PowerUp OTA Update

    Similar situation for me. I was stuck in update limbo as the DTE update was 3 months of hell and several bad experiences with the Dealer and OTA support. I have been on 3.5.4 since last November. Received 4.2.1 late last week while I was traveling. Was excited to see some UI changes, but...
  16. DTE update fails 55+ times, 34 days at Dealer - No parts wait

    The truck spent a week at the dealer with them at least replacing the 12v battery and the Service Advisor telling me my truck had the DTE update and they had spoken to Ford. I spent a couple of hours on the phone with the OTA team, where they continued to say it did not have the update, but...
  17. Anyone else hate the charge port doors?

    I have both sides of this issue. I am 7 months in, opening is usually ok, not 100%, but closing I have to make sure I push in 1 specific location at a very specific angle...Definitely room for improvement
  18. Anyone else hate the charge port doors?

    I find the charge door INFURIATING. Trying to close the door usually takes several attempts to get it to latch.
  19. DTE update fails 55+ times, 34 days at Dealer - No parts wait

    Have you received any update from the dealer? I have had very similar issues with my truck. The DTE install failed 30+ times, then one day, it just stopped trying. Still have the alert in my app from January telling me it is scheduled, I have reset the truck, deleted the app and still shows...
  20. 22-PU-1009-MIL-DTE (Update to Distance To Empty calculation)

    I tried everything to get this one installed. I tried Miles/Minutes/FCSP plugged and unplugged, Charging my LVB overnight with trickle charger/Boost/Start mode, connected and disconnected. I have left it plugged in, unplugged, outside, inside, airport, wifi, etc with MANY failed attempts. I...