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  1. Lightning Clubs of America

    May I present the Lightning Clubs of America ! The purpose of our clubs is to meet other owners in person, participate in community events and network with each other. On our website, owners will be able to sign up for email alerts for events, check out all the affiliated clubs throughout the...
  2. Northeast Lightning Club

    🚨🚨🚨MEET UP ALERT! 🚨🚨🚨 Summer BBQ Somewhere in NJ June 17, 2023- Let’s meet up and have a BBQ! Sounds like reps from Ford may be attending as well so let’s show up and show our love for our trucks! If interested, please DM me! Thanks!
  3. Northeast Lightning Club and Ford Model E Meetup + Pro Trailer Hitch Assist Demo

    The Northeast Lightning Club got a special invite to meet with Jake and a few other Ford employees yesterday morning in NJ. They demonstrated the new Pro Trailer Hitch Assist that will be coming in an OTA update to us hopefully before the end of 2023. It will roll out to trucks with the trailer...
  4. Winter Meet Up of Northeast Lightning Club

    Our winter meet up in going to be hosted in January. Go to this thread to vote for the date you can make it. https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/2023-winter-meetup-dates-poll.13183/
  5. Roll Call: F-150 Lightning Owner Meet Up at the Motherland (Rouge Plant in Dearborn) on September 10th 2022

    All current owners, A few of us on twitter have been toying with an idea to have a meet up at the Rouge Plant in Dearborn, Michigan on September 10th 2022. ! I'm going to sign up for a factory tour as well while we are there. Who else is interested in joining us?
  6. BlueCruise city driving vibration

    Anyone experiencing a severe vibration when using blue cruise and the truck attempts to come to a stop behind traffic? When this happens I hit the brakes and turn blue cruise off to resolve. It’s only happened twice out of the multiple times blue cruise has worked fine.
  7. Current Owners- Have you felt the paint job?

    My brother and I were looking over the truck and he happened to notice how insanely smooth the paint job is on the Star White Tri-Metallic. He’s convinced there’s some sort of treatment on the paint (ceramic coating) or because I got the upgraded paint color, it’s smoother. Anyone else notice...
  8. First Lightning Meet Up (aka Storm)

    Anyone interested in doing a Lightning meet up somewhere in the Tri-State area? I’m thinking September to give all the 2022’s time for delivery. Who’s in? Who’s got ideas for a location?
  9. Truck got delivered to my dealer 18 days early! Picking up tomorrow!

    Albany, NY here! Truck got delivered to my dealer 18 days early! Tracker hasn’t updated. Picking it up tomorrow at Noon.