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  1. Anyone notice Driver's seat bolster foam is less firm than Passenger seat?

    It is not a wear issue due to the driver's seat having more use. The passenger seat bottom bolster foam just seems to be a bit stiffer than the the driver's. I think I would like that extra firmness to hold my thigh in away from the driver's door and just give a feeling of being kept in place...
  2. Bloomberg traces the Ford's Aluminum to the Amazon

    Hang in there, folks will be dissing your truck: https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2023-ford-f150-electric-car-rainforest-damage/?cmpid=BBD022723_BIZ I wonder what other companies are doing for their raw materials?
  3. Cheat sheet - XLT 312A 12" Sync4 Features & Settings menus

    For my XLT 312A SR it is not clear to me what is meant by Features and Settings if Features has settings like "Departure and Comfort" days/times, "Charge Settings", "Driver Assistance" settings, etc. And Settings has Features like Ford Assistant and Alexa. And why should there be two pages for...
  4. Best drink cups, containers, flasks, tumblers for various drink & cupholders?

    Lots of drink holder spots, under the door speakers, good for small 16oz plastic bottles and then the drink/cup holders in the center console, front and back. Found 32oz ThermoFlask at Costco recently, 2 for about $25 (I cannot find this model anywhere on the internet) that fit snugly in the...
  5. Caution: Quick wear rear passenger armrest

    I think it was the plastic of a seatbelt buckle (the belt wrapped around a large telescope tube without being latched in) that rubbed the armrest on a bumpy road: The finish seems a bit fragile for a truck armrest. Anyone else experience this? This is a XLT, how tough are the other model...
  6. EVs make rates cheaper for others -- Natural Resources Defense Council

    If you can believe those darn environmentalists, California Utilities are making extra revenue on EVs that charge during Off-Peak hours, lowering rates for others. https://www.nrdc.org/sites/default/files/media-uploads/ev_impacts_december_2022_0.pdf Also, shorter article...
  7. Cost of owning a new truck: insurance, registration, & license costs

    I was not expecting the big hit for yearly registration and license costs here in California. Pickups are considered commercial vehicles, whereas SUVs as an regular automobile are not. I will be paying $993 this first year, of which I think $427 is for the license (MSRP * 0.65% tax deductible)...
  8. Beware of animal attacks on truck

    California Towhee bird sees something reflected in dirty bottom of side step: It was doing this the day before as well. This is just a small sample of its many jumps. I put some blue painters tape there. Will see if it stops the delusion.
  9. Frunk bumper posts adjustment?

    I am noticing that the "luggage compartment" hood rests hard against the rubber bumper posts on both sides. It seems they would be adjustable with the bolt threads into the fixed nut, but they do not move by hand twisting and I am reluctant to force with a wrench. Maybe they are meant to be...
  10. Windshield tiny dots specks that show in bright sunlight?

    Something I thought that I could clean off, but now seems impossible, is that the Windshield is covered by numerous tiny bright dots or pin points (say, on average, less than 1/4" apart) that appear when the sun shines almost directly through them. Has anyone else noticed a problem like that...
  11. Blowing cold air on steering wheel area fingers; left side low air flow

    I drive with air conditioning on, and want to maintain 68-72 in the cabin. But it seems I get excessive cold air too often blowing at the right side of the steering wheel. The a/c fan button (12" display XLT) shows 2 lights for fan speed, but it is the cool air when I think it should be warmer...
  12. Lightning with coating of snow - plus some comments

    [Click on "Winter Lightning"] Looks like a dark color Pro model with a bed cover. Wipers tilted out to not get stuck?
  13. Adaptive Cruise Control, if R/L turn signal on, temporary acceleration?

    p278 "Note: When you are following a vehicle and you switch on a turn signal lamp, adaptive cruise control may provide a small, temporary acceleration to help you pass." Has anyone experienced this? Does this mean when you are following someone and indicate that you will be changing lanes with...
  14. Good 10min video review of Sync 4 menus, settings, for Pro, XLT 12" screens

    Cars with Steve youtube channel, "Sync4 Basics in the Ford F150 Lightning", 10:30 minutes long, gets right to it, no flashy stuff, do not have to stare at his face:
  15. nasty battery coolant leak - fixed

    See this thread in another forum, skipping to post #23: https://www.[banned site]/threads/rear-motor-area-leak-liquid-coolant-battery-leaking.1911/post-19955 The post has good pictures, and it looks like the leak is coming from a pipe into a foam block near the rear motor? Fix was a...
  16. Ford survey: "We're looking for your feedback!" UserTesting live interview?

    Has anyone participated in this? [[email protected] <[email protected]>] It involves giving up some personal info and being interviewed, via your webcam using Chrome browser, about the Ford Lightning order experience; by a company called UserTesting. This is the email body with...
  17. GPS needed reset on towing trip

    1st Road Trip While Towing W/ 2022 Ford F150 Lightning - video by James Klafehn Discusses GPS fail and the reset, but was happy with 1.6mi/kwh over 737 miles.
  18. Lightning shipped back to the factory?

    Probably over hyped, but: EXCLUSIVE! SOLVE THE MYSTERY! Are SOME Ford Lightning's That Have Made It To California And Other States For Deliveries Being SHIPPED BACK To The Factory In Michigan? https://www.autospies.com/news/index.aspx?submissionid=110575
  19. Truck hit by Lightning? What model?