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Search results

  1. Tailgate Pad Recommendation

    I’m using the Yakima for the past few months, has worked well. Fits 4 easy but has space for 6 bikes. The large is edge to edge on the tailgate.
  2. Anyone else lose a row of radio buttons?

    It happened to me also. My wife drove the truck so I just blamed her but i know she didn't change it. Hit the button in the upper right corner that looks like two people. Then down bottom hit Preset Rows and pick how many you want.
  3. Vehicle Property Tax Issues

    Wow, I didn't know this was a thing. We pay 6% sales tax when we buy it in PA, and we're done. We pay property tax on homes and land and that's it.
  4. Spring time range

    Trucks loving the spring weather, been averaging 2.4 m/kWh everyday driving over the past 2 months.
  5. FordPass 4.27.0 update

    I update the app on my iphone while it was plugged in waiting to charge last night. I have it set to charge at 10PM and did the update around 8PM. When I opened the app after the update it told me it would start charging at 6PM (two hours in the past) and complete at 2AM, and I noticed the...
  6. Update - Ford Mobile Charger Water Intrusion. Scorch marks around the pins

    So I got my 23 in February and it came with the black handle connector, so I wouldn't know any difference.
  7. Tonneau or not to Tonneau -- any efficiency improvements ?

    I have the spray in bedliner and used my points to buy the ford rubber mat. The texture on the spray in bedliner is pretty coarse, so the mat protects things sitting on top and will minimize the slide. Then use straps as necessary.
  8. 50,000 miles - What a long, strange trip it's been.

    I had to replace a tire after 3000 miles, screw in the shoulder. $330 from the dealership all in.
  9. Mysterious double chime while driving

    So I just disabled the driver side seatbelt warning a few days ago, and I feel like ever since I've been getting the double chime when starting up the truck. And I thought everyone was just making it up! I may try turning it back on and see if it goes away.
  10. 50,000 miles - What a long, strange trip it's been.

    Impressive and enjoyable write-up! 50k in 11 months, that's a lot of driving!
  11. Mach E Price cut again

    From the articles I’ve read, only the standard range are getting the LFP batteries. At least that’s the impression I got.
  12. What are you getting mile per kWh while towing?

    I can't believe how much of a charging desert Southern Delaware is, especially with the shore points. With Royal Farms replacing/removing all the chargers they had, it really makes the trip tough. Any kind of timeline for Royal Farms to replace the chargers, or if they're even going to?
  13. 2600 Mile Trip Report From San Diego, CA->Moab, UT->Idaho Falls, ID->Colfax, CA->San Diego, CA

    Nice report and spreadsheet, sounds like a fun trip! Two questions, what’s the Shadow Cost? And why are you thinking the pack is 142 kWh?
  14. What are you getting mile per kWh while towing?

    So if I put 1.0 m/kWh into ABRP, it recommends 2 quick stops on the trip down and you end up at 10%. Annoying, but can be done.
  15. What are you getting mile per kWh while towing?

    A Better Route Planner (www.ABRP.com). Great trip planning website/app. I’m in PA and I understand the wasteland, but check out PlugShare, not many level 3 chargers but plenty of level 2 chargers in area. Trip will be very flat so may just need a short stop to make it. where is your general...
  16. 🛠 1/9/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    Congrats Lightning Rod! Been hoping you would get some good news eventually! You’re gonna love it!
  17. Towed 25' Hi-Lo Travel Trailer to Hickory Run State Park... Lightning pulled great! (Better than Rivian)

    I have a vacation house 20 minutes from Hickory Run SP, great park! Kids love Boulder Field and Shades of Death! Some other free charging in the area too. And that’s not a Pro you’re driving like your name says! Great report!
  18. Remote Pro Power Onboard Control - Software Update 3.5.3

    I got the exact same thing going on. In the App for Pro Power and Zone lighting it says 'Not Connected; Lightning', all other features seem to work from the App though. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong.