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  1. Pro Charger arrived in MI

    It was shipped from CA via FedEx
  2. 300 Mile Trip to Frankfort with the Lightning - Thoughts and Stats with the Airstream in tow

    Find the original here: https://geekyschmidt.com/personal/travel/tech/ev/lightning/2022/06/30/Camping.html TL;DR Solid headwinds and gradual climb = 1mi/kWh on the way there Downhill with light winds and modified driving habits = 1.4mi/kWh Charging networks were more than sufficient to get us...
  3. Charging the F-150 Lightning with Tesla Wall Charger v3 WORKS!

    It works! This charger is plugged into a NEMA 14-50 (backed by a 50amp breaker) and is faster than the 110v (20amp) it would be plugged into otherwise. You need to make sure that your tesla wall charger is not locked to Tesla-only. NOTE: This doesn't work with Tesla SuperChargers - only...
  4. Lightning Towing Stats with my 23FB Airstream Trailer

    I was able to tow the Airstream around 30 miles today and understand how the Lightning does with some weight behind it. The TL;DR is that with a 23-foot Airstream, I am seeing 0.8mi/kWh. Compared to the 1.5-1.8 I have seen on my road trips thus far without the trailer, its around 50% of the...
  5. BlueCruise, Charging Networks, and Trip Stats

    Original post here: https://geekyschmidt.com/personal/travel/tech/ev/lightning/2022/05/27/drivingfeedback.html Charging Network Our Tesla, when it sits for a few days, can drop significant battery capacity, so when we pulled up to Mackinaw City, I wanted to be sure we had more than the 70...
  6. Prep for our first road trip in the F-150 Lightning [updated w/ trip stats]

    Happy to answer any questions anyone might have! I will share more details post-trip including the charging network and mileage! I will be posting on my blog here: https://geekyschmidt.com Prep for our first road trip in the F-150 Lightning It made big news yesterday, but for the sake of...
  7. 🙌 First F150 Lightning delivery to retail customer (me)!

    Spoke with Ford PR. Looks like I am the first. Location & Dates info: Michigan Resident Platinum Trim May 20, 2021 - reservation Jan 7, 2022 - order date April 18, 2022 - build date May 26, 2022 - delivery date I wanted to mention that my dealership carried the exact quoted price, and there...
  8. My F150 Lightning Platinum is at the dealership; picking up tomorrow!

    Tracker still says to be delivered, but it's here. Location & Dates: Michigan Resident Platinum Trim 20 May 2021 reservation 7 Jan 2022 order date 18 April build date