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  1. Summer Sizzle Deals!

    🔔Happy Monday, hope you all had a great weekend! Bridgestone and Firestone savings are extended until the 8th - see post #2
  2. First tire rotation experience

    Thank you for the shout out, Chris! We really appreciate you taking the time to share your experience :cool:
  3. Summer Sizzle Deals!

    📣June Savings are HERE! (Expires: 6/8/2023) (Expires: 6/11/2023) (Expires: 6/29/2023) SAVE NOW | Discount Tire
  4. Summer Sizzle Deals!

    📣As offers roll out this month, we will bump this thread Be sure to hit the watch/follow button ↗ above to get notified anytime a new offer goes live. For all other active deals, check out the link below! CURRENT DEALS | Discount Tire 🔔 Combine current deals with your Discount Tire Credit...
  5. Memorial Day Deals at Discount Tire!

    🔔Happy Tuesday - 2 days left to take advantage of our Memorial Day Savings Promotions! If there is anything we can do to help please let us know.
  6. Memorial Day Deals at Discount Tire!

    📣 Our Memorial Day Deals event is going on now! Through 5/31/2023, get instant savings on select sets of tires & wheels! Click link below for details! Shop Deals | Discount Tire Have a question or need a price quote? Send us a DM* and we'll make sure you're taken care of! *Our forum team...
  7. Maximum tire size for F150L - without cutting, lifting or leveling

    Without a lift or leveling kit, the largest tire would be a 285/60R20. There are quite a few A/T options available in that size.
  8. Steel 17" wheels from Tirerack?

    The CrossContact LX20 has been a staple in the crossover/SUV market. It definitely delivers a quiet ride and does well in terms of life. It also tends to perform slightly above average through winter conditions. I haven't seen any reviews for this tire on the Lightning though, however for...
  9. Service Coming Soon what to expect in Service and Price?

    Thank you for calling this out @metroshot & @F150ROD - we appreciate your patronage! Our brick and mortar locations offer rotation service at no charge for passenger cars and non-dually light trucks, regardless of where the tires were purchased or installed. This is in addition to the several...
  10. Advice on replacement TPMS sensors?

    @Tony Burgh thank you for your business! We appreciate your support.(y)
  11. Anyone install 305/70R18 | OEM GMC/Hummer EV Tire ?

    The 305 is a very aggressive fitment. I have heard the 295 fits with mods and a leveling kit.
  12. Tire Rotation with Lariat Wheels

    Appreciate the confirmation, the wheels are not directional (L/R) then. OP - as mentioned, you're good to cross rotate (assuming OE tires) should you so choose :cool: You can download our Tire Service Log if you need a way to keep track of scheduled maintenance.
  13. Lug nut covers

    Surprisingly yes, that is the case.
  14. Tire Rotation with Lariat Wheels

    Out of curiosity, in stock configuration, do the wheel's spoke pattern point in the same direction on both the right and left side of the vehicle?
  15. Tire Rotation - How?

    We appreciate your support, Lee and thanks for calling this out! Rotation service is always FREE at Discount Tire for passenger cars and non-dually light trucks, regardless of where the tires were purchased or installed. We can extended our Certificates for Repair, Refund or Replacement on...
  16. ⚠️ Attention to all that have mounted 17” wheels to you Lightning!

    Appreciate you taking the time to update - thank you!
  17. Steel 17" wheels from Tirerack?

    Appreciate the insight - thank you! Sounds like a semi-aggressive 3PMS A/T tire may be the way to go. The BFG Trail Terrain T/A may be worth a look. I can't speak to range unfortunately, but this tire holds it's own in winter conditions and is near stock tire in terms of weight.
  18. Steel 17" wheels from Tirerack?

    Thank you for throwing this out there! For transparency, we do not offer this particular wheel model, but as you've found our sister company Tire Rack does. May not hurt to inquire with them regarding sponsorship 😁
  19. WARNING RE Flat Tire Replacement

    Thank you for allowing us to repair your tire and help get you back on the road safely!
  20. SPECIAL HOURS this Friday - 4/7/2023

    Our stores will close from 12:00 to 3:00pm on Friday, April 7 Our call center will close from 3:00pm to 6:00pm EST on Friday, April 7. Also, our forum team will be offline at 3:00pm EST on Friday, April 7 and will resume normal online hours on Monday, April 10. Need to place an order while...