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Search results

  1. Good MotorTrend article on the GOM and winter range

    Yep, Understood. I like Waze and CarPlay, I dont like Ford Nav and I dont want to enter a destination constantly.
  2. Good MotorTrend article on the GOM and winter range

    I for one am not impressed with the adaptive logic (if it even really exists) for the truck to predict range. Last Saturday when towing 6 back and forth trips of topsoil in a dump trailer sometimes turning the truck on and off sometimes leaving it on the GOM constantly was predicting ~0.8 MPK...
  3. FCSP if not doing home integration

    Same same for me. Zero issues with mine. My FCSP came with my 22 ER and I have no intention of dealing with ridiculously expensive and convoluted SunRun/Ford H.I.S. I have FCSP at Max settings but I derate slightly for most charging but there have been a handful of times already where I was...
  4. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Yep, your numbers are probably even a little conservative since I pay $0.07/kWh (night and weekends) and his e-torque is probably a little under 15 while towing. So definitely a win in the cost per miles. That said he is looking at it from a perspective of someone that works his trucks hard and...
  5. Open Tailgate Manually?

    This is what the manual says on the manner. I typically let it open on its own but close manually.
  6. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Got the dirt spread, seeded and straw down today, could really use some rain though! The sprinklers are struggling to keep up with this rare early summer dry spell we got working in the upper midwest right now.
  7. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    There’s a few ways to do this soil hauling thing! My dad and I are working on planting more grass at my new house. 1.25 acres, we did half last year. More in process this year. He has extra topsoil from a construction project. Using his dump trailer I pushed “sparky” pretty hard today!!! - 4...
  8. New part: Ford Performance 22" Sinister Bronze Wheels

    Oh my! 🤤🤤🤤🤤
  9. BlueOval Charge Network Trial Extended One Year Complimentary

    That was my summation as well. I have only used 30 of my 250 after 7 months of ownership.
  10. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    In the Twitter spaces announcement Musk (when discussing the adapter) stated "it will not be cost prohibitive... it will be something that is quite affordable... in the hundreds of dollars range". Watch the 14:10 to 16:10 mark of this video...
  11. BlueCruise Subscription Price Increased to $800/yr for All Renewals

    This article released today discusses that very topic. Although there is some real funny math going on. See below for the excerpt. $200,000,000 (possible revenue) / 100,000 = $2,000 revenue for active subscriber!??!? The article is a bit ambiguous but I would assume they are talking annually...
  12. Finally got one!

    Laughing at this! The 2 colors I dislike the most... seems to be consistent that we dont see eye to eye on some things. That said I am happy, now I dont have to bothered about your frequent posting on a non Mach E site about your Mach E. Hopefully you will forgive all lightning owners with...
  13. Alarm triggering for no apparent reason!

    Happened to me a few weeks ago at work, I got a notice on Apple Watch via Fordpass app that the alarm was going off and then a coworker called and let me know it was going off. I was parked in an adjacent overflow parking lot that has very very little traffic and virtually no foot traffic ever...
  14. Proximity only key fob?

    I agree whole heartedly that key fob if comically large, it is quite annoying. It is easily 2 if not 3 times the size of my wife's Nissan key fob.
  15. What features do YOU hope get added in a future S/W update?

    Generator (pro power onboard only) Mode - I dont want have to have to shut off the infotainment, radio, lights, etc. all off when I want to use the Pro Power Onboard without anything else on. Its very annoying and vey clunky the way it works now
  16. Water in rear light bar

    No cost. 100% factory defect issues that are warrantied. Mine was replaced a little over a month ago and it’s been good so far 🤞
  17. Lightning Retains Full $7500 Tax Credit For <$80k MSRP Buyers in 2023

    Probably wont even take 5 years for that stupid cliff to be met... but just remember our politicians know best. $79,999 vehicles save the planet. $80,001 absolutely do not!
  18. 'Project T3' Next-Gen Electric Ford Truck to be built at BlueOval City

    just drive around town… I see a hundred crew cab trucks for every one single cab. There is basically zero demand for that product in the truck market for the last two decades. it is guaranteed to be a full crew cab size truck with better specs Than the lightning. The only question is whether...
  19. Range meter still shows towing range, despite not towing now, in "Normal" driving mode

    I normally do, however the GOM is tied to the Pro Power Onboard limit, which was annoying. The few times I tried to use it that week. I wish the pro power was tied to battery percentage instead.
  20. Range meter still shows towing range, despite not towing now, in "Normal" driving mode

    Yep exact same process for me. I figured if it auto detected the trailer it would auto detect the disconnect. Not so much. I had to manually disable the trailer setting as stated in @TaxmanHog post above.