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  1. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Home Depot has a sale on garden soil so I loaded up with 72 bags! I had the box with the bed cover in the back so I had to put some in the frunk. The guy helping me was shocked when I told him there was more room in the front and then I popped the hood. The look on his face was hilarious. I am...
  2. Wind noise?

    I heard wind noise and then I found out it was coming out of the headrest if I had the seat a/c on :LOL:
  3. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Yes .. I did and it is really nice. I thought that makes the wait longer?
  4. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    I don't seem to have the onboard scales on my 2023 Lariat. I filled it up with soil and wanted to know .. am I just missing a chip?
  5. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Wait? You are still on hold? I am also a Lariat ER 2/5 build but I got my truck. I wonder what the hold is for?
  6. 23OH Recall: My baby had a bad battery module replaced, took photos, it was dramatically traumatic!

    He looks like he is wearing the Best Buy uniform so the rules don't apply to him :LOL:
  7. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    Dang! Really? Everything I saw before I ordered said that it had to be an ER battery :mad:
  8. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    I got the ER just to have the ability to charge the house with bidirectional that wasn't available on the SR. I don't need the bigger battery and actually don't want it but I really wanted that feature. I have 0 range anxiety since this is my 3rd EV in 10 years (still own all of them) and the SR...
  9. 2024 Lightning

    I don't think they are .. seems like the technology has been available for at least 5 years and getting better! Moore's law activate! https://insideevs.com/news/340478/120-kw-wireless-charging-proves-97-efficient/...
  10. 2024 Lightning

    I guess it depends on what state you are in. Our state roads are constantly paved and repaired so it would be a very fast install. And I am sure if they use the Federal money from the IRA for chargers, it would go even faster. The County roads are a different story :LOL:
  11. 2024 Lightning

    Not to be rude but please read the link I posted about the technology instead of repeating talking points. It really is not helpful and sucks :mad: https://witricity.com/technology/why-magnetic-resonance/
  12. 2024 Lightning

    Did you see the private company link I posted above? I think this technology is developing much faster than in the past and will happen sooner than you think :) Electricity is already along most highways so it would not be difficult to implement. "WiTricity technology allows urban transit...
  13. 2024 Lightning

    I think everyone is forgetting about the potential wireless charging while driving infrastructure that is being tested for semi trucks along highways. This would extend the battery range and allow for smaller battery size and weight. I have seen reports about it being tested in a few states...
  14. Renting an electric vehicle

    I only rent EVs when I have the option. I used Turo on a recent trip to rent a Model Y and have booked the Model 3 Teslas on Hertz when they were available. The experience has been great and since I have driven an EV since 2014 I am use to the challenge. I make sure that I know where the...
  15. 2024 Lightning

    I think many are sitting because of added ADM that the dealers are imposing. A friend in NC went to look at a few listed 2022 models at 3 different dealerships near her and every one of them had an ADM of $10K that they added to MSRP. She couldn't justify the added expense and bought an ICE F150...
  16. BlueCruise Subscription Price Increased to $800/yr for All Renewals

    How is the active motion in the seats? I really wanted those but they discontinued it :cry:
  17. Adapters for mobile charging

    Yes, I know the charger is in the car. What I have is a cord that has a small box attached that I think is the charge controller to limit the amount of electricity that goes to the car. It is like a bigger version of a power supply to a laptop with a box between the plugs. I guess that is...
  18. Adapters for mobile charging

    I don't have an EVSE .. just the dryer plug connected to the 10G cord and the car charger that I plug into my EV. It a Leaf cable that can support level 2 charging