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Search results

  1. Smart Solar Charging

    My newly-installed Emporia Level 2 smart charger immediately recognized my Emporia Vue Utility Connect, and began charging my Lightning using only excess solar energy. The truck seemed to accept a lower rate of charge without any problems. Today I’ve been watching the Emporia charge my...
  2. Off Grid solar charging station is up and running.. weather permitting!

    Yes, my Tesla Wall Charger must be a Gen1. It definitely doesn't have a WiFi interface, so it's not a "Smart Charger". Using a TeslaTap Mini adapter, it's been working well for almost three years. But all adjustments to the rate and timing of charging have to be done manually or via the EV...
  3. Off Grid solar charging station is up and running.. weather permitting!

    I just purchased an Emporia Level 2 EVSE for my system, which includes 36 rooftop panels and 3 Tesla Powerwalls. I've been using a Tesla wall charger left over from when we had a Tesla Model 3. That has been working fine, except that it's not a smart EVSE and will only charge at 40 amps...
  4. Smart Solar Charging

    Fascinating, thanks! Looks like in almost any case, most of us are better off using the solar energy we produce than selling it back to the grid utility. Smart chargers like the Emporia Level 2 EVSE solve the problem of not being home to manually charge your EV when the sun is shining. You can...
  5. Smart Solar Charging

    Good points, although my focus on cost-savings is driven in part by my desire to recoup my solar investment as quickly as possible. It appears that my utility (PGE) pays me retail rates for solar power used to offset the grid power I consume each month. But any excess solar energy I produce...
  6. Smart Solar Charging

    Does your Lightning (or other EV) throw a charge fault when the Emporia charger varies the rate of charge according to solar production?
  7. Smart Solar Charging

    Apparently the Emporia Level 2 EVSE has the ability to vary the charge rate based on solar production when paired with the company's energy monitors.
  8. Smart Solar Charging

    Having just expanded my Sun Power rooftop solar array and added a third Tesla Powerwall battery to my house, I'm trying to figure out the optimal charging plan for my three EVs (Lightning and two Mustang Mach-Es). Previously, with 20 solar panels producing 6 kW maximum, I wasn't able to charge...
  9. Turns out you really can charge a Tesla from a Lightning ⚡

    The air-to-air refueling analogy only works if the Lightning and the Tesla are driving while connected and charging! 😂
  10. Ford Mobile Charger at Campsite 30amp

    I only use this charger when I go camping and have access to a 50-amp hookup. But as I recall from last summer, this mobile charger easily matched my Level 2 charger at home. I'll see if I can find a screenshot from the charger's app, but as I recall it was close to 10 kW.
  11. Ford Mobile Charger at Campsite 30amp

    Sounds like a plan. Remember, however, if you need to connect to a 30-amp hookup to charge your truck, you'l need the appropriate adapter as mentioned here. Some campsites come with only a 30-amp hookup, so it's wise to be prepared.
  12. Ford Mobile Charger at Campsite 30amp

    Drawing 40 amps from a 50-amp hookup, the truck will charge as if it was connected to my Level 2 charger at home. That is, depending on the state of charge when you arrived, it should be fully charged overnight or slightly longer.
  13. Ford Mobile Charger at Campsite 30amp

    When camping, I always try and book campsites with 50-amp hookups. 30 amps is just too slow for charging my truck. Remember you can only charge at a continuous load of 80% of rated capacity (e.g., 40 amps from a 50 amp hookup). Anticipating a major camping trip, I purchased this mobile charger...
  14. Raised reflective letters installed on tailgate and charge door

    Where does one buy them? Anyone have a link?
  15. Raised reflective letters installed on tailgate and charge door

    Nice! Did you buy a kit or just paint it yourself?
  16. Finally got one!

    Congratulations! My wife was also reluctant at first, but we have three EVs now. We've learned how to charge on frequent road trips. And with our expanded solar array, we can now charge exclusively with solar power at home. I just love cheating both Chevron out of oil profits and my power...
  17. Anyone Planning on Attending the Electrify Expo in LB?

    Coming to the Bay Area in late June, too. Might be fun to see some of the OEM demos.
  18. Man shot and killed at charging station

    Safety at charging stations, particularly at night and in urban areas, is a serious issue. Many women have told me they're reluctant to purchase an EV because charging takes a long time and unlike gas stations, you cannot simply drive away if threatened by someone. Seems like the EV industry...
  19. Missing FordPass Points

    I just recently got my 22,000 points for a Lightning purchase in early March. I bought my 2022 truck Gold certified pre-owned, but still got the points.
  20. Best truck loan interest rates -- Ford vs banks?

    Navy Federal Credit Union had better rates than Ford Credit when I bought my Lightning.