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Search results

  1. OTA woes continue

    Took my 23 XLT SR in for 10k service. Good news, $36 services charge For check-up, rotation, ect. Bad news, they say truck updates are current but I show nothing since June 16th. Ford Pass connectivity poopy again as well. Talked to Ford BEV and confirmed update “cancelled in the cloud”...
  2. Road trip SR Edition

    Started our big trip to Florida in my SR XLT. Quite an adventure. Charging fine in Virginia and North Carolina. South Carolina becomes a DC Fast Charge desert real quick. Hoping Florida is easier tomorrow. Thank goodness for a little free ChargePoint at the local Hyundai.
  3. Virginia to Tennessee trip recap

    Finally have time to recap my Lightning camping journey from Northern Virginia to West Tennessee. For the entire 1880 mile trip I was able to average 2.2 miles per kWh. Left out early on a Thursday, planning to camp for two nights. Left home with 99% with temperature of 42°. Cold temps and...
  4. Heat vs. Cold -- does the AC cool have a bigger or smaller impact?

    So… with all this talk of how kWh is affected by the heating temp, does the ac cool have a bigger or smaller impact? Anybody been able to gage the summertime? Is it offset by the warmer temps increasing range and such? Have not seen any of this discussion lately.
  5. Anybody MISSING stuff from your build?

    I know there has been some cargo net discussion and such. My window sticker has Tailgate Assist listed and it does not appear to be on my truck. Any other XLT SR folks seeing this? If Ford deleted an option, it would not be on the window sticker right? emailed dealer…..radio silence
  6. “Charging Ended Truck may have been unplugged”

    Getting this message every time I end charging at home with Ford Mobile Cord. I’m ending on the app and releasing the cable. What step am I missing? Why am I getting this message?
  7. Cracked Rim, Ford says warranty will not cover

    I posted a discussion on this a few weeks ago. I’m curious about opinions on present issue: Slow leak in passenger rear tire of 2019 F150 Turns our small crack underneath the wheel weight 24,000 miles on vehicle Ford says I have caused the crack through abuse Zero chance, no off-road for this...
  8. Virginia 2019 STX Wheel

    So, if Ford screws up my warranty claim, where do I get a 20” wheel with dark grey pockets? I sure as hell ain’t buying it from Ford. So irritated with their “bumper to bumper” response.