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  1. Tailgate options - anything better than that giant F-150 lettering?

    I added this black lettering to my tailgate. It really pops over my iconic silver Lariat.
  2. Question for Stubby Antenna People

    (I either listen to Sirius or stream from my phone and never listen to AM radio. FM reception in my town is fine without it. I took the antenna off and screwed in a 1" bolt. zero cost solution.
  3. "Hey is that a '23?" Yeah, they both are!

    The pic you orginally posted IS the highest resolution. it's 2048x1152. the link you provided is only 1080x608. But thanks. it looks awesome on my 24" monitor
  4. "Hey is that a '23?" Yeah, they both are!

    pic of the year! will steal it for my computer wallpaper! My Lariat is iconic silver and I can't be sure what color yours is but in that light it looks close enough to be a picture of mine.
  5. Thoughts on the Charge Station Pro...

    I did get a call back from FMC a few days later. we walked though the installation again and discovered an oddity in the Ford Pass software that that was causing the problem. won't bore anyone with the details.... unless your interested. if so, send me a pm. But bottom line: got it...
  6. Question for Stubby Antenna People

    Ford to keep AM radio on it's vehicles
  7. So quiet and smooth!

    only had mine a few weeks and about 500 miles but as for quiet, it's amazing. And I noticed that it's just as quiet tooling around town at 25-35mph as it is on the highway at 65mpy. There is music that I can listen too on the highway that I would have never considered and any other vehicle...
  8. Thoughts on the Charge Station Pro...

    I had my FCSP installed today. However I was unable to connect it to Ford Pass app. Following the installation instructions from the FCSP app my phone was successfully connected to the FCSP but the FCSP app was never able to connect to the charger station. I called FMC and the CS rep...
  9. Personalized vanity license plate ideas for your Lightning ?

    was hoping to use "Sparky" but it was taken.
  10. Question for Stubby Antenna People

    Although in May this year Ford announced that it was dropping AM radio, they quickly reversed their decision within a few days as the government expressed (a valid) concern over AM's value in disseminating emergency alerts. AM radio isn't going away on the lightning
  11. ProPower and the GOM

    The GOM means very little, what I'm confused about in your description is that you "switched over" to lightning power. unless you have a very dangerous setup, power to the EVSE was severed and your lighting shouldn't be charging at all. ????
  12. Ford streaming "activation pending"

    call FMC cust support. the did a reset and is working, but it looks there is nothing there but what shows up on wifi and sure isn't worth $10/month. now on to experiment with several other things. learning something new every day!
  13. Ford streaming "activation pending"

    had my truck a week and tried to activate "ford streaming" as it's free for 30 days. might as well check it out. Ford.com says "activation pending" and has been stuck there for at least 4 days. anyone know what's up with that? I'll probably call Ford tomorrow
  14. Lock on walkaway

    thanks for this thread. I just got my Lariat and for three days I believed it was locking itself. Now I know better.

    I believe your right. we'll see but I'm prepared to buy one as soon as they are available.
  16. Key blade replacement

    don't text a lot so I had to think about what PITA meant.... which took about 2 seconds! agreed what a PITA. will be interested to hear when others chime in.
  17. SoC while Truck Sits for a Week

    just picked my Larat this week. It arrived at the dealer Jun2 28th, but due to the lightbar safety recall the dealer couldn't release it to me until the part came. With 100% charge it sat in the back of the dealers parking lot for 6 weeks until Sept 12th and had 96% charge when I picked it...
  18. ✅ 1/30/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    update on both order tracking and owners list...DONE
  19. Ford, BMW, Honda to Create ChargeScape, a Company Focused On Optimizing Electric Vehicle Grid Services

    what got my attention is their vision is one where the utility companies collect data from cars while they are charging. I'm not privacy insecure but I wouldn't be sharing any information from my car to anyone else ...IF given a choice. FMC connected to my car and collecting data is enough to...
  20. Question for Stubby Antenna People

    Got my Lightning a few days ago and would up on this thread 'cause my wife asked why it has an antenna her car doesn't. Good Question. I found this which all of you might find interesting. Here's Why A Modern Truck Like the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Still Has Such An Old-School Antenna