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  1. Reduced power Service soon

    I feel your pain. Wish we were not members of the dealership has my truck club.
  2. Reduced power Service soon

    The truck is a 2022. 6/16/22 Build date. Extended range max tow Platinum. I do not have a scanner. So not really sure what went on. Two days prior the Intelligent Backup had a trouble shoot message during a House power outage. Two nights later the Ford app sent a message the there was a...
  3. Reduced power Service soon

    Just looked at my Ford app on my phone and it tells me that the truck had a charge fault last night. and to contact a concierge/guide.
  4. Reduced power Service soon

    Went to move my truck this morning. Truck has reduced power, 20%. Dash tells me to Service Soon. Pull over and Park as soon as possible. Not a great start to the day.
  5. Intelligent backup power issues/unreliable

    Today I had a Power Outage. Last manual test of the HIS worked last week. Today the HIS did not work. It was a little different got the Right Amber Light on the Pro Charger. Book says to Trouble shoot. Any Idea on what to troubleshoot. When the Power came back on the Charger had a solid...
  6. Intelligent backup power issues/unreliable

    I recieved the update to my Ford Charge Station Pro. The first thing I have noticed is that I do not need to use the Stations wifi to connect to the FCSP. I used to have to reset it to get the FCSP wattbox network. This has been reliable with me being connected to my home wi-fi. Big...
  7. Intelligent backup power Bluetooth issues and solution

    Arrogance, If Tesla and Rivian can do it we can, we are the smartest corporation in the world. Use of too many subconractors, Lack of technical expertise. Desire to be first to have bi-directional capabilities. Inadequate failure analysis. Over reliance on Over the Air updates as a fix.
  8. Intelligent backup power Bluetooth issues and solution

    I share your frustration. During my last simulated power outage. I got interrupted. At approximately minute 10 to 11 I heard the power kick on in the house. I am getting tired of simulating power outages. Mostly because I am sure that one of these times I will take a sledge hammer to the...
  9. Basic understanding of HIS (Home Integration System) functionality

    There is also a communication line from the charger to the inverter.
  10. Who here had never owned a full-sized crew cab pickup before?

    I've always owned a F250 supercab, starting in 1977. I use the storage behind the seat, and cram folks in the back when I need the extra seats. Always have had a 8 foot bed. I haven't let go of my 2011 superduty. The 5.5 foot bed of the Lightning is a little short. But I bought the...
  11. Set Up Phone as Key Issue

    I had a similar issue with mine, until I received a software update.
  12. Expedite Charge Station Pro Delivery

    With getting my charger shipped it was a bit of a hassle. The dealership never was able to report the truck as sold to me. Ford thought that I needed to take delivery of the truck that I ordered. I got it escalated at Ford and they over road the system to get my charger shipped to me. Part...
  13. Do you use AM Radio?

    I use the AM for State traffic alerts. They have local stations here in Washington to give drivers information.
  14. For those with a demo, what OTA do you have?

    I have a 22Platinum demo. Started service August 2022. Sync 4 version 4.0.23031. I have had 3 updates. They were slow coming. It improved once I started setting the Parking Brake and Locking the doors. Made sure that I did this after driving. Ford told me that I needed to drive the...
  15. Scary Lightning Water Fording Video (Through Flood)

    Ford owners manual states to only cross water no deeper than the bottom of the wheel hub. So a little less than half a wheel depth.
  16. Went camping with the Lightning & Airstream

    The Airstream will run off grid for around 7 days. So I don't need to plug it in. Doesn't draw much juice unless the AC is running. 30 AMP 110 feed is more than enough for that. I have even managed to run that with a 20 AMP 110 without tripping the breaker. The only real requirement for...
  17. Went camping with the Lightning & Airstream

    You are welcome. Lightning is a ER Platinum. Went 101,108. One little climb on the route. 50 AMP for the truck 30 AMP for the trailer.
  18. Went camping with the Lightning & Airstream

    The wife and I decided to take the Ford Lightning and our 23 foot airstream camping. Just to see if we could and how the experience would compare to camping with our F250. We choose a state park on the Washington coast as our destination. Distance from home to campground is 105 miles. Made sure...
  19. No Intelligent Back up. System shut down. Sun Run Home Integration Unit Install

    My Electrician told me this. He was on the phone with a support person from Ford. He told me that she just got out of a meeting and was told that the Home Integration Unit was on hold. He then called Sunrun and he said they hung up on him. On Monday I called Sunrun to try and figure out my...