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Search results

  1. Hypothetical Trip Info

    Your trip is no problem with a Lariat ER which is what I drive. I live in Houston and travel to San Antonio and DFW on a regular basis. Houston to SA around 225 miles and to DFW around 275 miles one way. I can make the trip to SA without charging (depending on conditions) leaving my house with a...
  2. 🚗 **Epic Journey Cancelled: New York to LA in an F-150 Lightning! Seeking Enthusiasts and Supporters!

    Good luck on your adventure. It should be no problem. This past June I did my USA trip from Texas. It lasted three weeks and over 10,000 miles going to west and east coasts with no problems. I say no problems but a pain with the EA charging network. A nice app I found online is the Bluelane...
  3. New F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Limited Edition Revealed

    Out Of Spec Reviews has a walk around video.
  4. Farley & Ford Execs Traveling the American West in F-150 Lightning

    My Lightning met my range needs on my trip across the USA.
  5. Farley & Ford Execs Traveling the American West in F-150 Lightning

    Stayed on the Interstate highways doing the speed limit. We did hit state roads some where necessary. We had good weather on the trip as we only had two days of driving in the rain over the three weeks on the road. We averaged 12 to 14 hour days. Found a nice tracking app, Bluelane, so our...
  6. Farley & Ford Execs Traveling the American West in F-150 Lightning

    I have the ER battery. Trips like mine just take planning and the right apps. I used the EA and PlugShare apps. I was charging on average every 250 to 275 miles. My goal was to have at least a 50 mine buffer at each charge in case a station was down. There are plenty of level 2 chargers all...
  7. Farley & Ford Execs Traveling the American West in F-150 Lightning

    I just completed a trip around the USA with my Lightning. Started in Texas with my friend and hit 44 states. Used EA for charging on the whole trip. Used 2 non EA charges on the trip. One was at a Ford dealer between Phoenix and Las Vegas to add a few miles to make it to LV. It was a level 2 and...
  8. Folding Mirrors when parking Lightning

    Pages 132-133 of owners manual.
  9. Car Shows

    I think the hot dogs and cold drinks I passed out made me a little more unique. LOL
  10. Car Shows

    Local car show in La Marque,TX. (Houston suburb) put on by Space City Cruisers had a class for EV/Hybrid. First time I've seen with this class as I hope more car clubs keep adding EVs. I entered with my Lightning and won in class trophy. As soon as you see the trophy it should bring a smile or...
  11. BlueCruise 1.2 upgrade?

    Kyle Conner has been testing the new system on his channel.
  12. Texas Metal TV show puts air ride on the Lightning.

    The Texas Metal show on Motortrend network just put air ride on a Lightning on this weeks episode. Description from MT: Bill thought he'd done it all until a 2022 Ford Lightning rolls in and becomes Ekstensive's first custom air ride with an all-electric drivetrain.
  13. Got into an accident. Cautionary PSA about one pedal driving

    Don't you have auto-hold on? I always drive 1-pedal mode and with auto-hold I just move my foot to the floor when I come to a stop. Unless you do jackrabbit starts after every stop no need to be holding your foot over a pedal.
  14. Public charger help

  15. Screen Protech Product Review

    As per my post I already have their kit. No need for me to do that as I'm satisfied with the OCD product. I've had it on my Mach-E for over a year and no problems That's why I bought the OCD for the Lightning.. More options for consumers to pick from works for everybody.
  16. Screen Protech Product Review

    Lots of options now from different companies. I use the one from OCDplug. I have the one for my Mach-E and my Lightning. They also have a protector for the door pillar. https://www.theocdplug.com/kit https://www.theocdplug.com/screen-protector-instructions/#install-vids
  17. Atlanta to Las Vegas

    I-5? I'm sure you meant IH-10. Good write-up of your trip.