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Search results

  1. Help - did my battery shrink? Weird range estimation changes

    It helps but not always. Since I turned on departures two weeks ago now that we are dipping into the low 50’s at night and my kiddos are whimps in the morning, my GOM is constantly calculating the kW used for conditioning even when plugged in as lost range. Even after the resets, and even a...
  2. 20 amps @ 120v

    Or you could buy a 240v travel charger and camp at a park that offers NEMA 14-50 plugs🤷‍♂️ There are ton of possibilities that make your EV even more productive. The TT30 plug is a different discussion then I previously stated. I too would love a Ford specific charger that the truck accepted...
  3. Will you accept delivery even with CSP-23B57 open on your truck?

    It just depends on if you “love this truck” or not. If this is the truck for you then yes. Ford has to make it all right or they will be doing a Bolt style replacement after lawyers get involved later in life. So I am not as concerned about it at this point. And the fact that the BEV team...
  4. Finance Options?

    Not if they could take delivery by EOD Saturday…. 🤷‍♂️😉
  5. Finance Options?

    Do the Ford Finance. I did the 3.9 for 60 months. If you want to have the higher monthly payment the 2.9 for 48 is great.
  6. New Charge Assist App!

    Ford, please this is not a good approach for such a technology laden truck. For long term viability of your EV endeavors we need released updates way sooner then over 3 months. I understand OTA limitations, so please provide a download and service port option for the truck owner. Please….🙏
  7. A few questions as I wait...

    Or comparing apples and oranges is bad practice as the percentage of efficiency could actually be more in an electric F150 then an ICE one as the ICE still had to run while the truck was moving down the road, even with the cam phasers….unless full fuel shut off is in the equation. My electric...
  8. New Charge Assist App!

    That is horrible that a dealer cannot force the update through Fordscan either. If Ford is going to be a serious EV player as they plan, they need to figure out how to manage software updates. Mine is going in for the battery module software update one Monday and one of the things they are...
  9. LightningROD - Better Charge Logs

    I love it!!! I want this on may phone Ford peeps, please pay this person and use this work and make a data app for us. I would happily pay a small monthly fee for access. Diversification of revenue sources 🤷‍♂️😊
  10. New Charge Assist App!

    Not showing on my 23 XLT ER with Sync 4….but I am not surprised since my truck never gets updates😢
  11. Time to buy or wait?

    Buy now, and buy what you can afford. I went the XLT ER version and was at 73,500 MSRP with what 1500 in incentives plus did FMC financing for the lower interest rates. After the tax credit I will be in the low 60s for a truck I have wanted since I bought my Prius in 2012. Now instead of a...
  12. FCSP or Another Level 2 Charger?

    Also keep in mind that the miles are only one part. The second is how much recovery time you need. I drive a lot on the weekends, but not much week days. So I need to look at how quick I need to get back to 80-90% state of charge. While I was contemplating the same exact question, I have charged...
  13. Bumper paint and racing stripes on my Lightning

    It looks amazing. I would keep it this way
  14. Cybertruck bed slopes at the sides

    The truck that only a mother could love as she leaves it at a scrapyard and drives away in a Lightning🤷‍♂️😂🤣
  15. Trip meter failing to factor in regen energy

    As others have asked, we need to know you SOC at the start and stop to better assist in your question. Your display shows you only used approximately 1.28 kW on that trip and all was given to other elements. Around 0.20 kW to your accessories and 1.08 kW to your trucks cooling/heating system...
  16. 20 amps @ 120v

    The reason for the limitation is because of posts like this. That is the NEMA 6-20r and is supported to be a up to 240v 20 amp circuit which the Lightning charges properly at 16 amps or 3.8 kW. Unless properly labeled, a user could inadvertently plug in a lower or higher voltage appliance to the...
  17. 2023 F-150 Lightning XLT Yearlong Review: Road-Trip Range Strategies & Optimal Speed

    I was a let’s get in and out person on road trips with my ICE truck. As I got a little older I am looking at it differently, but even with the Lightning, I am thinking mode over a 20-30 minute pit stop and snack type charge every 2-3 hours, then a 40-50 minute deep charge on the 4-5 hr mark for...
  18. My MME is perfect. I wish to discuss my fears with other members here about the Lightning. (No more fears.)

    Still not as bad as my Escape PHEV and the main bearing that were faulty and Ford recalled all of them, but did not have a fix yet so we all got notices and a “drive and pray” letter that they will fix it later. 🤷‍♂️. I come to expect a recall now when I purchase from Ford. It’s like the...
  19. SOC loss while plugged into 120V Charger several weeks

    Did you not read the post was about the SOC🤷‍♂️