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  1. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    Haven't installed it yet, just got it today. I honestly don't know how to even install it so if you have a walkthrough or video or anything that would help. I think I could fumble my way through it but I'd rather have something to reference
  2. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    I can confirm that the part I ordered does have heated and cooled seats controls, as well as the hsw button. Hopefully that would work for you
  3. Anyone install a rear seat recline kit like the link I provide?

    The before/after pictures look exactly the same
  4. Ford Power-Up Priority Update: 23-PU0110-RAD-PS

    Same here, I've never gotten an update or even a notification on one. I have loads of them showing up according to what some forum members have pulled, but nothing pops up when I try to initiate one, or when I just leave it on auto update. Had my Pro since early May of this year.
  5. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    Honestly never tried with your adjustments, never got the time. Just been too busy the last couple of weeks to mess around with it (riding mower crapped out on me so I had to go and grab a push mower to get me by, which then made me realize how much longer that would take me each week so I ended...
  6. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    Dunno. I ended up buying one of the units so if it ends up being plug and play I'll let you know
  7. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    This one has the heated and cooled seat controls, at least according to the pictures shown on the tech sheets. Mike G posted them here https://www.f150lightningforum.com/forum/threads/heated-steering-wheel-retrofit-pu-22g06.16703/
  8. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    If you can still return that HVAC unit, this is the one they're installing in XLT lightnings when they retrofit the heated steering wheel. It's only like 105 bucks from varsity Ford too. Might be easier than fighting with a part
  9. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    Looks like this would be the HVAC module to use, according to the retrofits that are being done for our trucks: NL3Z- 19980-S
  10. Why would I need a mobile charger?

    I'm the same. I haven't used mine since my actual charger was installed at my house, but it's sitting in my truck in case I ever need it
  11. Comparison: EA vs CP vs EVgo trip charging

    I had seen that about their chargers. Just a quick pop out of the module and you can fix it easily, or even upgrade a station to be able to charge faster. Seemed like a forward thinking idea honestly
  12. Comparison: EA vs CP vs EVgo trip charging

    I charged at a circle K on my way to florida, charger started right up, no issues, max charge and decent price. I think it was a little more expensive than EA if you had the monthly pass, but circle K didn't require one. Honestly, all I want is a damn charging system that costs the same all...
  13. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    Should we shoot for that even if we don't need it? My day to day driving is minimal, I almost never charge higher than 80% of usable so I was actually thinking about dropping my normal charge down to 70% or so, or would that be worse for the battery?
  14. No Vehicle Software Updates Received

    Did you ever get any updates OP? I got my truck around the same time as you and I've never had any updates available either (even though I'm supposed to from what I've been told)
  15. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    I'm going to see if this works for me this weekend, great job on everything!
  16. CSP-23B57 for High Voltage Battery Notice

    Am I misunderstanding everything, or is this not that big of a deal? My understanding on this is that it is a software update so that the battery will be watched better and will shift it into a reduced power state before the battery gets too unstable, right? Like I'm not concerned that there...
  17. 2022 Lightning Pro Seat Swap/Upgrade to Heated/Cooled

    So no luck with the HSW then? Man, I was hoping that the HVAC controls would fix that issue...
  18. Green Car reports: Ford to add Apple Maps EV routing to Lightning

    I'm sure that they will eventually. Google seems to be behind on adding things to Maps lately
  19. Up to $5000 off MSRP for an order at Long McArthur Ford

    45k sounds way more reasonable. I'm fine with my pro and plan to run it until it dies unless there is some solid state 800 mile charge in 10 minute truck that comes out for like 30k in the next 10 years.
  20. Supercharger cables are too short for the Cybertruck

    I use mine all the time to make sure I'm within the lines when I park