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  1. LDPLIP starting again in October!

    Get your pencils ready. The rebates are probably going to disappear fast so you better act fast. Both the 2022 and 2023 Lightnings are listed as eligible vehicles but I can’t find a particular purchase window yet.
  2. Six nails in my tires!

    I called Discount Tire this morning and told them I had some plugs in my tires and I wanted them to patch the plugs. I was told that since I already had plugs in the tires I would have to replace the tires. So, when you read online or hear in a video that plugs are only a temporary fix until...
  3. F-150 Lightning to gain access to Tesla Superchargers! Get standard NACS port starting 2025!

    I actually heard Farley say the Superchargers would open up in December. At the time I thought about starting a thread but there wasn’t any confirmation to support the statement so I shied away. Getting access to the Superchargers in December or even Q1 2024 would be nice but I’m not going to...
  4. Six nails in my tires!

    More mystery! I pulled the tire that still had a slow leak, the one that already had three plugs, and found another pin hole in the tire. The hole didn’t have a nail in it so I’m not surprised that I missed it the first time I inspected the tire but I am surprised the leak got so much worse...
  5. Six nails in my tires!

    I have been plugging tires for decades. I usually have pretty good luck with plugs. I have also had some pretty bad experiences with tires shops repairing tires, it seems like all they really want to do is sell you a new tire..
  6. Six nails in my tires!

    Just as a follow-up, the six nails were in three tires. Four of the nails actually penetrated the tread and I had to plug the holes. One tire had three holes I had to plug. Tire with the three plugs is actually leaking worse than it was with the nails in it. I have been having to air up the...
  7. Six nails in my tires!

    This last weekend I was rotating my tires per the 10k miles maintenance schedule. As I normally do when I rotate tires, I inspected for nails. I have had a slow leak for a couple of months now, so I did expect to find nails but I was really surprised to find six nails stuck in my tires. All of...
  8. LDPLIP starting again in October!

    LDPLIP is a Texas state incentive program for EV purchases and leases. The details aren’t posted yet but in past Texas handed out $2,500 rebates for eligible EVs. I hope they allow rebates for all EV deliveries in 2023 since I took delivery in February.
  9. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    This is the Ford Motor Company service manual for the 2023 F150, what’s not to like? If you’re familiar with factory service manuals then you know what to expect. For those not familiar with factory service manuals, these manuals can be pretty intimidating by their sheer volume if nothing else.
  10. Car & Driver Article: the F150 lightning might not need those superchargers

    Service providers still don’t get it. There is a new QT station going up near where I work that doesn’t have a single EV charger. In ten years that station is going to be completely obsolete. Service stations are still only thinking of EV charging as an afterthought. Even Superchargers lack...
  11. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    repair manual: 352 MB wiring diagrams: 812 MB
  12. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    Subsection 501-12; Floor console removal and installation.
  13. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    Factory-manuals.com sent me the rest of my service manual, 16k pages worth (the wiring diagrams file had 6k pages and was actually a larger file). It’s all there including how to remove and disassemble the high voltage battery. This manual should come in real handy even for routine maintenance.
  14. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    No word back from factory-manuals yet but I called Helms because they also don’t have a separate manual for the Lightning and their manual doesn’t specifically state that it’s covered. Helms couldn’t provide any additional information but stated that I can get a full refund if the Lightning...
  15. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    factory-manuals.com messed up my order. I ordered the full repair manual + wiring diagrams and all they sent me was wiring diagrams. I didn't really want the wiring diagrams right now but the manual was only available to order with the wiring diagrams. The wiring diagrams do cover the BEV but...
  16. Drive Electric Week

    There are many events in Texas. I have signed up to show my Truck at Tanger Outlets in Fort Worth on October 1st and I’m thinking about signing up for a couple of other events that week. I hope you decide to show your truck, the F150 Lightnings are always very popular at these events.
  17. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    I ordered a manual from them years ago and I still have access to the file. I don’t know what “others” you are talking about. I guess I will find out in a few days what information I have access to.
  18. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    I received a response back from factory-manuals that it will take 12 to 48 hours generate my manual. I will post again when I know more.
  19. F-150 Lightning Service Manual

    I'm trying to purchase a real manual for my Lightning. I don't want any of those cheap auto parts store service manuals like the ones from Haynes or Chilton. I'm currently looking at manuals on two different websites; Helms and www.factory-manuals.com. The Helms manual goes for $306 and the...
  20. 2,500 Mile Trip Report in a Lariat ER - Texas to Colorado

    With new CCS chargers going up in Roswell, NM and with the Superchargers in Lubbock, by the end of next year I should be able to drive my Lightning from Roswell to Lubbock across the Llano Estacado. The Llano is several hundred miles flat barren land that the non-Indians were afraid to cross for...