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  1. Car & Driver Article: the F150 lightning might not need those superchargers

    After reading that, it’s hard to believe how little common sense this writer possesses . A single anecdotal 300 mile road trip worked, so naturally Ford longer needs the Tesla eco-system. There you have it.
  2. Farley & Ford Execs Traveling the American West in F-150 Lightning

    Pardon my skeptism, but a 600 mile "road-trip" is a day of driving, two at most- with only one needed stop to charge.
  3. New guy- just ordered today. Charge Station info needed-driveway charging?

    Hello, After "reserving" a Lighting another lifetime ago ( $100 May 2021), I FINALLY received the green light from Ford that I could actually order a 2023 Lighting PRO. I just placed the order, and the dealer sent it to Ford. However, I just realized our garage is too crowded already, and my...