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  1. My Lightning has been in the shop for 16-weeks, HVAC and other issues

    I spent 6 weeks in 5 visits. My dealer experience not great. ‘called service advisor to schedule recall & CSP work - waiting to hear back. - doubt call will come. feel for you. maryland lemon law is 18k miles or 24 months. love their telephone survey - what is it? Is ford a company you trust?
  2. Active shutters - are they open all the time or closed ?

    Mine were remaining open on recent cool mornings - no remote start. wondered as y’all did. I closed them by hand and all is back to normal. remote start on warm days, they are open with fan sucking In air. just sharing what worked for me.
  3. OTA woes continue

    @RickLightning i don’t understand your response. . . It seems mis leading, maybe not your intention. from your other replies you seem to know this stuff. dealerships can do OTA updates.-just not by the update name we see. OTA updates have fancy names we understand. Dealership use fdrs and do...
  4. Green Car reports: Ford to add Apple Maps EV routing to Lightning

    @Pdxguy this will be available as part of iOS 17 releasing perhaps as soon as end of next week.
  5. Priority Update 22-PU0722-DC-CHG3

    @SBENKO that’s not a particularly long time. to quote Yoda “Patience you must have, my young Padawan” the nonsense Ford told me when I had an install error. “They will just come”
  6. Priority Update 22-PU0722-DC-CHG3

    @jdmackes define never. couple of weeks, couple of months? roll out in groups of Vins. Doesn’t seem to have a particular order.
  7. Ford station pro intermittently stops charging

    @chickenlives how long have you had CSP? mine started acting up(charge faults not related to heat) power cycled unit and has been fine since.
  8. Brake pedal symbol ?

    @onebadjon page 296 ‘22 manual
  9. Buyer Beware- avoid Lightning- Powertrain Malfunction off lot

    lol 😂 30 miles. mine was delivered from ford to dealer with 97.x and to me with 99 miles. when it breaks, and it happens to you it sucks. I had poor dealership experience regarding software issues which equaled 56+ days over 5 trips to dealer - they still sent me home with error. i...
  10. Cabin Air Filter That will Satisfy a Wife Nose

    Premium guard makes pureflow. They also do a lot of private label manufacturing. don’t know who makes philtop but it is also charcoal activated for $4.00 less. Philtop - $15.99 https://a.co/d/66eKxF2 Pureflow -$19.78 https://a.co/d/1tAi2Ph
  11. BlueCruise is going to hurt someone

    @neririn i’m gonna think out loud here 🤔. Gimme a minute 💭 rather than post your rant here. how about writing a detailed latter to NHTSA & Ford corparate? seems that might be more helpful. example Tesla being investigated after 12 reports for steering problem. gotta start somewhere...
  12. Charge Station Pro DOA

    @Henry Ford anecdotally faults that can be corrected by firmware upgrade, hmm 🤔 that’s broad & inaccurate. so under your hypothesis I should be able update my firmware and my daily fault will go away. Interesting 🧐 I’ve had CSP since August, updated firmware as available but I have charging...
  13. For those who have Pro Station Charger, do you have enough capacity to install 80A?

    @doccoch your post seems to state the problem. Almost all of us who installed in warm weather had high temp charger fault. The CSP shipped with .64 firmware after a couple of days of being connected to internet firmware updates. It adjusted the overheating internal tolerances. well...
  14. Priority Update: 22-PU0930-RBA-CHM: Frunk Chime Vol, SOC digits

    @Maxx you’re hired. it Only took them a year. now how about the charge rate while dc fast charging?
  15. Priority Update: 22-PU0930-RBA-CHM: Frunk Chime Vol, SOC digits

    @jdmackes how about some info. which model & year do you have? if you have big screen, the user interface update is nice if you don’t have it. otherwise your not missing any significant safety updates. So drive on. ford isnt helpful with info - ”we release in groups of vins, blah blah...
  16. Dear @FordMotorCompany

    I do have an iPhone. haven’t been able to get notifications text and new mail alerts to work - many updates notta. Did the famous reset all settings. Nothing but a headache after that one. and they have many more and better engineers than ford. but yes Ford’s updates & process have been...
  17. OTA Update Help

    @Jim657 ‘rather than repeat. besides the same question is pinned inThis group: follow link below Already posted here there is so much information posted here on updates failing. try the search function and spend a few minutes reading about our experience. mine failed over 60 times, then just...
  18. Failed update

    @theblunden search the forum. update failure is discussed here with hundreds of posts. 12v low SOC seems to be the most common factor by a long shot. We’ve experienced it, and shared our experiences. not tied to a specific update. mine failed over 60 times, then no longer tried to install...