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Search results

  1. "SRS failed due to low DTE" error

    I just received this error in the Fordpass app this morning, with the body of the message saying "Your scheduled start was not initiated because My F-150 has low DTE while unplugged. Please plug in your vehicle to increase your DTE level. I'm assuming that DTE is distance to empty, so I'm...
  2. Motor Coolant overheating

    I just had the error that my motor coolant was overheating after driving my truck for 4 miles and parking in my driveway for half an hour. When I came back to go back to work, the error had popped up and it lowered my motor power to 63%. I checked my coolant level and it was right in the...
  3. One pedal driving not available, service soon

    After my lunch break today I got back in my truck to find that I had an error stating that one pedal driving mode was unavailable and to use the brake pedal. I backed the truck up a little bit to test this (and one pedal was not working) and then stopped and shut it off and on again. With this...
  4. Heated Steering Wheel Forscan values

    Can anyone with a heated steering wheel supply their forscan values? There appear to be differences between the lightning values and the ICE ones and I'm just trying to figure out what that difference might be. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone installed a heated steering wheel on a pro?

    I just finished installing a heated steering wheel on my pro, and I believe that I have everything run and wired correctly, but I'm not sure how to get a heated wheel button on my screen to actually test it. For those that have it factory installed; is there a screen button to turn it on or is...
  6. Turn off Android auto messaging chime

    Every time I get a text message when using Android auto, my lightning plays a chime and it drives me crazy. I've turned off the "conversations" chime, but that hasn't stopped anything. Is there some option buried on either my phone or the truck to get these stupid chimes to stop? Edit: I...
  7. Need help fighting my dealer for my original Pro pricing

    Hello Everyone, I have a bit of a long post to write out as it is a lot to explain, so I hope you'll forgive me for that. I originally preordered my Pro on 5/20/21 and was invited to order for the 22 model year. As they didn't build my Pro that year, like many others I was given the option to...
  8. Finding part numbers

    I wanted to know how people were finding part numbers for their parts. I'm coming from a BMW and I knew of a website that would list all of the parts for the vehicle with exploded out diagrams for them. Is there anything similar for the lightning?