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Search results

  1. Reduced power Service soon

    Went to move my truck this morning. Truck has reduced power, 20%. Dash tells me to Service Soon. Pull over and Park as soon as possible. Not a great start to the day.
  2. Went camping with the Lightning & Airstream

    The wife and I decided to take the Ford Lightning and our 23 foot airstream camping. Just to see if we could and how the experience would compare to camping with our F250. We choose a state park on the Washington coast as our destination. Distance from home to campground is 105 miles. Made sure...
  3. No Intelligent Back up. System shut down. Sun Run Home Integration Unit Install

    My Electrician and I were just powering up my Home Integration System to check to see that it was working properly. We had an issue with being unable to pair the Charger to the truck. So we contacted Ford. We were informed that as of today Home Backup is not being allowed. So we were unable...