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Search results

  1. Car Shows

    Local car show in La Marque,TX. (Houston suburb) put on by Space City Cruisers had a class for EV/Hybrid. First time I've seen with this class as I hope more car clubs keep adding EVs. I entered with my Lightning and won in class trophy. As soon as you see the trophy it should bring a smile or...
  2. Texas Metal TV show puts air ride on the Lightning.

    The Texas Metal show on Motortrend network just put air ride on a Lightning on this weeks episode. Description from MT: Bill thought he'd done it all until a 2022 Ford Lightning rolls in and becomes Ekstensive's first custom air ride with an all-electric drivetrain.
  3. Sunrun Confirmation To Ship FCSP

    Got an email from Sunrun to confirm my address for shipping my FCSP. The order number asked for is the reservation number when we put out $100 deposit. I was putting the order number from my window sticker so it got rejected. Quick phone call to SR corrected everything. Hope this helps when your...
  4. Tom Moloughney gets his Lightning!

    Just watching the InsideEvs US podcast and Tom Moloughney, just got a call that his Lightning is at the dealership. Congrats Tom!! Waiting for pictures.