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Search results

  1. Bumper paint and racing stripes on my Lightning

    Love the body match paint on the lower bumper section. How much that cost? I assume a 1 day turnaround?
  2. Lowering Lightning height by a couple inches

    Company called Icon came out with a rear camber kit FYI. Says it provides 3 degrees of correction
  3. New VenomRex VR-601 Azure Gray Metallic Lariat ER. Love the switch

    hey looks great can you tell us what miles/kWh you’re getting?
  4. HOW TO DIY -- level / lower rear suspension on Ford Lightning using Belltech 25001

    This is awesome! Thanks. Let us know if you get it aligned/how it goes
  5. Eibach R&D for Lightning lowering kit, leveling kit and lift kit -- submit your input

    sorry, shouldve also asked for tire specs. they look great btw
  6. Eibach R&D for Lightning lowering kit, leveling kit and lift kit -- submit your input

    well cant wait to hear the feedback and would like to know the specs on your vossens
  7. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    Oh my! I love it! Every car I’ve ever owned has been dropped. Usually just sport suspension. This truck, while amazing, drives me nuts with how high it is. would love a full right up on parts if you could. Also what are the vossen specs
  8. Reduced power with no Fault code

    have the same issue this morning. ER Lariat, was plugged in last night on mobile charger (nema 14-50) and charged from about 65%-90%, preconditioned at 7am, left at 720am. Truck was at 56% power the whole time. i shut down and restarted a few times. On restart it would show 100% but as soon as i...
  9. Spacing and/or pictures of 2 child seats?

    Ha! This is literally the reason I had to upgrade from my last car. 3rd kid. And I couldn’t be happier. There is plenty of room for all 3 kids. rear facing and booster were used at first, and my oldest had plenty of room. Now we just have the rear facing in the middle, with daughter and oldest...
  10. Carpeted Floor Mats

    You happy with the tux mats? I can already see wear on my stock carpet mats and the back is constantly covered in dog hair so I’d like better coverage and easier to clean but not rubber mats
  11. Eibach R&D for Lightning lowering kit, leveling kit and lift kit -- submit your input

    That’s so excited. I’m def interested in the lowering options.
  12. Anyone else hate the charge port doors?

    It seems kinda flimsy. I get nervous when the kids run past while charging that they are gonna break it off
  13. Auto-fold mirrors not working

    Couldn’t agree more. I’ve never had PAAK previously so this is already an advancement for me, but I’d love a walk away feature
  14. Auto-fold mirrors not working

    That’s weird. I use paak exclusively, and almost always lock by touching the door handle. Haven’t had an issue with auto fold since about 4 software updates ago
  15. 🙋‍♂️ What Did You Do To Your Lightning Today?

    This is gorgeous! Wrapped I assume? Taillight tint? Details please!