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Search results

  1. Heat Turns On Automatically

    My heater will turn back on unless I manually select the vent mode (e.g. dash, footwell, both) after deselecting heat on the touch screen. This seems to enable the memory.
  2. I caught a Unicorn

    Has anyone seen an instrumented test on the ER pro? It should be the quickest to 60 of all the models by far. I'm expecting sub-4.0 0-60 (without 1 ft rollout)
  3. motor longevity

    Here is a video showing a teardown, my layperson's impression is that the motors are overbuilt for the application which has negative weight and cost implications and positive performance and longevity. YMMV/time will tell/I am not an engineer
  4. Outside temp sensor accuracy

    Mine seems to smooth the data too much. When temperature suddenly drops driving into a canyon in the early hours in the morning, the truck doesn't adjust the temperature display for a while
  5. Made a new friend (Electric Chevrolet Silverado)

    The Chevy is in another class, both in design and price point. It looks decent in your photos, too. I'm excited to see some more real world data once these get in reviewers' and owners' hands.
  6. Dear @FordMotorCompany

    Is the issue that we necessarily need to set up charging locations for anything less than 100%? I can imagine the complaints when people mistakenly don't get a full charge on a trip so 100% makes a safe default from a travel perspective. With this in mind, I think there should be a way to set a...
  7. Rear view camera image obstructed during driving

    It happens even on my Pro without tow tech package (no 360 camera) so if that's the "full view" it is never available, ever
  8. Adding Tesla Model 3 to the Stable

    I have been tempted - with the tax credit, it's finally the cheap Model 3 I reserved during Elon's unveiling but was unable to purchase. Have you driven one? The lack of an instrument "cluster" would drive me nuts. VW's ID.4 did minimalism right in my book by reducing that element but not...
  9. Driver-side window

    I thought the front windows were 70% transmission but more importantly laminated glass like the windshield which should be blocking just about all the UV-A and UV-B due to the PVB layer sandwiched between the two pieces of glass. Have people been sunburnt in the front seats of the Lightning?
  10. Report: F-150 Lightning loses about quarter of its range when carrying maximum payload

    The efficiency loss should be less than an ICE truck carrying the same thing since none of their braking goes back into the battery. Yawn.
  11. What other EV do you own?

    IONIQ 5 is my other EV. Previous rides include ID.4, Bolt EV, and e-Golf. Bought, drove, and sold those three EVs over 6.5 years at a net loss of $3,700 or the equivalent of a $47 per month car payment. Gotta love EVs. Current and former gassers earn no mention in my post :D
  12. What wall outlet for FCSP ?

    This is a nice balance between future proofing (often a waste of money) and being practical for now. My $0.02, as I love my sub panel and its versatility that allows me to operate a 2nd EVSE
  13. 🛠 1/23/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    Azure gray metallic (paint code G4) Personally, I'm kicking myself for not picking it on my base Pro despite the $795 upcharge.
  14. F-150 Lightning Wins KBB’s “5-Year Cost to Own” Award for Pickup Trucks

    It makes sense that thirsty classes of vehicles will benefit the most from electrification. I suspect these numbers are really conservative given the maintenance schedule and high voltage warranty coverage we enjoy, at least in CA (10y, 150k miles on battery).
  15. ✅ 1/9/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    It should be on the side of the welded aluminum battery box resting above its steel cradle
  16. ✅ 1/9/2023 Lightning Build Week Group (MY2023)

    That's a bummer. I haven't depleted mine much below 25% but might want to run it low to be doubly sure there aren't any weak cells. When was your battery pack manufactured? You can view a sticker on the pack from behind the driver's side front wheel:
  17. 1st Time Poster - If you could order over what would you do different?

    I have a no-option Pro and at first I wanted tow tech due to not being used to the size of the thing but after driving for a few weeks I'm glad to have passed. My other, much smaller, EVs both have birds eye and 3D views and I hardly use them. The basic rear view camera is plenty. The options...
  18. F-150 Lightning Going Global with Norway Debut in 2024!

    The Lightning's cost won't be a problem in Norway where EVs are tax advantaged but in Europe vehicles are significantly more expensive than the US. I'm guessing the equivalent of $90k for a Pro. I really doubt they will make inroads at that price despite the significant petrol savings.
  19. Does your 2023 Pro have heated side mirrors

    My no-option 23 Pro SR also has heated mirrors (and seats!) but no rear defrost.
  20. Home charge rate low- 85-90% of expected!

    Ford seems to report energy going into the pack rather than into the charge port. I get 8 kW reported from a 40 amp evse.