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  1. Burning Smell

    There are different parts that can get hot under the truck like the engine, exhaust system, and transmission. It depends on the condition, it’s normal to get hot in some parts but if you notice some basic things then you have to take care of those parts rather than go and check with the mechanic.
  2. Basic understanding of HIS (Home Integration System) functionality

    Based on the information provided, it appears that the Dark Start battery charging mechanism in the Ford Home Integration system is not clearly indicated in the reference wiring diagrams. To obtain more specific information and assistance regarding how the Dark Start battery is charged within...
  3. Burning Smell

    It is possible that the burning smell you encounter after going through the car wash and during heavy rain may be caused by water coming into contact with hot components underneath your truck. This contact can lead to the water evaporating and emitting a burning odor. It is advisable to have a...
  4. A short introduction

    Hi there, My name is Jackson David, I’m living in the U.S. New York City. I’m a new member of this forum. Currently, I’m using a Harley-Davidson Nightster Model.