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  1. Looking for perspective from drivers of SR Lightings used as work trucks

    Payload weight seems to have very little impact on range. Have run 2000 lbs in mine and did not really notice. Also, the truck handles even that max payload very easily.
  2. Console to column shift swap mod?

    I would look at relocating the existing shifter control switch onto the front of the dash. That seems a lot more viable than messing with the steering column. See the E-transit van shifter location for an example.
  3. Center Jumpseat and console to column shifter swap

    Messing with the steering column seems like an added level of complexity that is not really needed to achieve the desired result. Moving the existing console-mounted shifter from the center console to mounting it on/in the dash to the right of the steering wheel might be a more viable option...
  4. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    What Ford cannot say: "Wow, glad you are enjoying exceeding your truck's rated towing capacity by 90%".
  5. First Cybertruck trim priced from US$75,000 as Tesla preps for delivery to select few at launch event.

    The $80k version does not cost $10k more to build. Maybe more like an extra $1800. Leather + sunroof + bigger touchscreen + a few more battery pouches + seat motors + plastic LED light bar = not that expensive in volume.
  6. Supercharger cables are too short for the Cybertruck

    At 400A, at a temp rating of 60c ambient cooling and 10% margin, you would need copper cables of almost a full inch in diameter, or doubled-up conductors of about 3/4 inch each.
  7. What software updates should Ford add to the lightning?

    The message should NEVER be displayed. If absolutely necessary, it should be outside of the camera image. The message itself is self fulfilling and obscuring the ability to check on loads in a towed trailer. Lots of threads on this. Its obnoxious!
  8. Lightning software bugs?

    "Full View Not Available" message obscures the view of the rear camera.
  9. What software updates should Ford add to the lightning?

    Delete the "Full View Not Available" message.
  10. Ford App Attempted to Reroute to Distant Charging Stations When Home was Closer w/o a Charge

    The Lightning's nav doesn't seem to consider my garage as a charging location. One thing I keep trying to do is to punch in home as my destination so I can see the ETA and if the remaining charge is going to get me there. The nav always wants to send me back to the office to charge or way out...
  11. The Tiny Cybertruck Frunk

    Also, what Ford and Chevy understand in the 1/2 ton pickup market is that the huge crew-cab is really not for a "crew". Its for carting around a family with kids and all their stuff. A whole lot of 1/2 ton pickup crew-cabs are used as a family truckster alternative to an SUV or minivan. The...
  12. The Tiny Cybertruck Frunk

    I would trade the entire frunk for a true 6'8" bed like classic 3/4 ton crew cabs have. Also, would love to have 400 lbs more payload in the bed instead of in the frunk.
  13. Is the F150 Lightning a local commuter (based on real world data)?

    Flip it around the other way. Say the primary concern is to frequently drive long distances across the country (in an EV). Turns out Tesla fast charging network is the best choice for that (by far - they dominate that product/market). But in order to use the Tesla fast chargers, you MUST buy...
  14. Is the F150 Lightning a local commuter (based on real world data)?

    If you want to buy EV charging from Tesla chargers, you have to buy a Tesla vehicle. The two products are tied together. How many people are going to buy the CybertTruck instead of the Ford in part because they need access to the superior charging network? That is where the unfair...
  15. Is the F150 Lightning a local commuter (based on real world data)?

    There is a legal obligation - read up on the Clayton Anti-Trust act and the illegality of tying products together to leverage a monopoly in one product/market into an unfair advantage in another product/market. https://www.law.cornell.edu/wex/tying_arrangement The "unfair competition" of...
  16. Supercharger cables are too short for the Cybertruck

    Or have very large gauge conductors so as not to heat up.
  17. I caught a Unicorn

    Nice! Many of us are jealous!
  18. Is the F150 Lightning a local commuter (based on real world data)?

    Most of the concerns about charger availability and reliability go away once the bulk of the Tesla fast-charging network becomes open to non-Tesla EVs. We all need to lean on Tesla via the FTC, DOJ, the media, and every politician you can contact to end the Tesla monopoly on the Tesla...
  19. Tested Review: 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Is a Familiar Brute (by Car and Driver)

    Rode in my wife's Explorer the other day. Was wondering why Ford has not yet done the same thing there - just make an Explorer EV with straight up the same size, features, styling, as the ICE model. Nobody wants an EV nerd-alert-vehicle. They just want a functional vehicle. Weekend project...