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  1. Ford Trailer Camera, TPMS, Yaw Kit Installation! DIY Instructions & Part # Numbers

    Will it work? TBD... Edit: Yes, it works! Step 1: Check and confirm the truck is setup for the camera. - Check center screen camera to see if trailer camera is enabled. Blue screen = enabled. - Check for 12 blade connector. This was on a 2022 build w/ Max Tow & Tow Tech. Step 2: Order...
  2. Burning Smell

    Maybe a week ago I noticed a minor burning smell from the rear of the truck. I had just gotten a new travel fridge and figured it was the compressor breaking in. Fast forward to today…the fridge is unplugged and I noticed the same burning smell. I thought it was odd but figured..maybe it’s been...
  3. New Jersey 2022 Ford Lightning Lariat ER (511A) w/ Max Tow

    2022 Ford Lightning Lariat Extended Range Smoked Quartz Exterior (Gray) Two Toned Interior (Black & Grey) 511A Package - CoPilot 360 Active 2.0 w/Blue Cruise - Tow Technology Package - Onboard Scales - Twin Panel Moonroof - Pro Power Onboard - Max Trailer Tow Package - Integrated...
  4. New Jersey WTB/Rent: VCM2 or Mongoose J2534 Pass Thru

    If someone has one, I’d like to either rent it from you or buy it from you. Either way works, my truck is stuck on an update and just need to get current.
  5. Towed 25' Hi-Lo Travel Trailer to Hickory Run State Park... Lightning pulled great! (Better than Rivian)

    "How's she pull?" I got the question from everyone at the campsite, but not until the frunk opened up. Every other time it was just another F-150. Loved it. TLDR: Turns out, she pulls great! In case you're wondering, better than the Rivian R1T. With us hitting spring, I decided to take my...
  6. New Jersey Sold: WTS: Retrax Embark Retractable Tonneau Cover - $1499

    New In Box. Was originally going to install them but having second thoughts as I'll be swapping on a bed cap during the winter and would like something a little easier to get on and off when I do so. This is essentially a Ford branded RetraxPro w/ aluminum construction. Just trying to get my...
  7. What's the farthest you've gone on a single charge?

    I just did a 600 mile trip in my Rivian R1T that only required 1 stop to charge and have been looking to get back into a F-150 Lightning ER. That got me thinking, would I come close to that in the Lightning? On my Lightning Pro, I got a little over 200 miles out of a 100% charge in Aug in the...
  8. Looking for Official Weight Specs (GVWR, GCVW, GAWR)

    I recently sold my Pro because I had the opportunity to jump into a Platinum, but may run up into a problem with my towing and payload. I'm trying to confirm before I pull the trigger. If it ended up not working I would have to then go looking for a Lariat ER and as much as I like these, I'm...
  9. New Jersey WTB: Bed Cap or Camper Shell

    Looking to buy one that fits the 5.5ft bed
  10. New Jersey Sold: WTT: Rivian R1T for F-150L Platinum

    Quad Motor, Large Pack 22" Wheels Powered Cover Limestone Grey exterior on Black Interior
  11. New Jersey FS: Charge Station Pro

    New, never installed. Asking $1000 for it. Prefer local pickup.
  12. Charge Station Pro / HiS for Standard Range

    Been trying to gather information on how to enable the software. Ford's website that originally mentioned this is now a dead link. The dealer doesn't have any additional information. I pinged Ford communications and was told this: 1) Install the Ford Charge Station App from either the Google...
  13. New Jersey Sold: Tesla 80A Wall Charger - $299

    These have been discontinued as the new Tesla's are only capable of charging at half the speed now, but this may be useful to someone with a F-150 Lightning Extended Range that can make use of it with a TeslaTap adapter.
  14. New Jersey Sold: OEM Ford Mobile Charger - New

    It came with my F-150 Lightning, but I don't have a need for it. Asking $399, available to meet up with you in the NJ/PA area.
  15. New Jersey Sold: WTB: OEM F-150L Running Boards

    If anyone is looking to get rid of theirs, I'd like to buy them. Thank you,
  16. New Jersey Sold: WTT: F-150L 18" Pro Wheels for 20" Aero Wheels

    My truck is scheduled for delivery by 8/14. I'm looking to do a wheel swap as I have no need for the AT tires and would prefer street tires. Will have: Want: If anyone is interested, please let me know.
  17. Wireless Carplay

    A lot of the Ford vehicles I’ve rented recently (including extended family, Lincoln etc) requires my iPhone to be plugged in to utilize CarPlay. Does anyone know if the F150L allows wireless CarPlay or if it also needs to be plugged in?
  18. Lightning VIN Decoder

    found it. Please delete
  19. What to expect?

    I've been waiting for my Rivian R1T for a while now. When the lightning was released, I plopped down my $100 and didn't think about it again... About a month ago I got an email and it said I needed to order. I took a look, my Rivian was still projected for Q4. My dealer followed up and I...