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Search results

  1. Pro Power problem

    This is one reason why I think the problem could be due to bad filtering components in the truck bed inverter rather than a poor design overall. It's possible your inverter came from a production run with a bad batch of components.
  2. Pro Power problem

    The noise can easily be 3kHZ or higher. Imagine relatively small 3KHz waveforms riding on top of large 60Hz waveforms. Multimeters can easily get confused when there is such noise. If you are familiar with audio amplifiers, you may know about Class D amplifiers that are quite similar to high...
  3. Pro Power problem

    The inverter is most likely high frequency as a low frequency one would require a big and heavy transformer at 7kW. However, there is no inherent reason to prevent a high frequency inverter from producing high quality power. It just needs appropriate filtering components. It's possible that...
  4. Pro Power problem

    Looks like a defective inverter.
  5. Lightning with Enphase Battery

    That would require no other loads running. Realistic limit on Enphase batteries is likely much lower. It wold provide more control but that would not help any existing Enphase batteries since there is not DC battery access for third-party chargers. Realistically, a standalone inverter/charger...
  6. Lightning with Enphase Battery

    That's expected behavior. You would need a way to dynamically change the truck charging current/power limit based on the available power capacity to avoid the problem. Another similar overload shutdown issue is likely to occur if you have more Enphase batteries that can charge at a rate higher...
  7. Lightning with Enphase Battery

    Enphase export limiting may allow AC coupling (i.e. connect the outputs) of Enphase and Pro Power under stable startup conditions because it disables solar power initially then slowly ramp up (up to minutes). However, it's unlikely to work reliably in dynamic real world conditions in general...
  8. Ford Intelligent Backup - detailed review by State of Charge

    Given all the reliability problem reports about HIS, I was curious to check some of the videos that purport to show HIS working. This is probably the first such video. Having watched it completely without skipping for the first time, I now see that it does not actually show HIS reliably...
  9. Intelligent backup power Bluetooth issues and solution

    Given all the problem reports with officially supported HIS functions, your faith in unsupported functions having reliable safety protection is remarkable.
  10. Intelligent backup power Bluetooth issues and solution

    The inverter is bidirectional but reliable and safe AC coupling with existing solar in off-grid situation is also critically dependent on the truck battery management system and FCSP. So, AC coupling may work under many conditions. However, there could still be unsafe conditions that have not...
  11. Intelligent backup power Bluetooth issues and solution

    That's interesting. Is AC coupling with existing solar system a supported configuration by Ford/SunRun?
  12. Pro Power OnBoard with Autotransformer -- to work around the bonded neutral issue?

    Enphase only supports an approved list of standby generators that can be connected to the generator input port on the System Controller for battery charging. Also, you have to buy a license to enable generator support.
  13. Basic understanding of HIS (Home Integration System) functionality

    Most likely there is a small charger that charges the 12V dark start battery whenever DC power from the truck is enabled. It's similar to how the 12V battery gets charged in cars and generators with electric start.
  14. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    Your A/C is likely 240V while the fridge is likely 120V. If so, the old fridge could potentially cause overload while the A/C runs fine. It's because the Lightning is limited to half of the total power capacity on each 120V leg. An autotransformer would help overcome the limitation.
  15. Generac 6852 Transfer Switch installed (to power my house from the Pro Power 240V plug)

    Not sure why daily switching would be necessary. In any case, code compliant main/branch circuit breakers are UL489 approved which means they are rated for 10,000 switching cycles. Hard to see any home experiencing enough outage cycles to exceed that limit.
  16. Intelligent backup power Bluetooth issues and solution

    Not surprised. That's the inherent nature of public shared spectrum wireless comms.
  17. My “Unintelligent” backup power installation

    I wonder if the compact size of the unlisted ones is the reason why they can't get listed for some reason (e.g. not enough arc clearance).
  18. My “Unintelligent” backup power installation

    That does not appear to be UL listed. Would it pass inspection?
  19. Intelligent backup power issues/unreliable

    I watched the video and he basically stated that he would not have gotten HIS due to the cost and complexity but he did it to make a video for his viewers. That's not exactly an endorsement.
  20. Intelligent backup power issues/unreliable

    Perhaps a Bluetooth repeater could help.