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  1. Power-Up 23-PU0503-CON-FX

    First OTA since being stuck on 3.5.4 after failure with DTE update do you have it? ’22 ER
  2. Anyone with Error? OTA’s not coming - Ford’s answer

    @Ford Motor Company @Mike G I haven’t received a new OTA since December. - update expired - did not redownload, with new expiration - as Ford expected. - dealer installed new gateway module & said FDRS applied gateway update -Ford OTA DEPT registers this error. They don’t know how to...
  3. DTE update fails 55+ times, 34 days at Dealer - No parts wait

    @Ford Motor Company just a moment for me to lament my poor dealership. I’ve read, here, about many responsive dealers, quickly ordering parts or addressing problem. Took it in December after waiting 6 weeks for appointment. -update modules to address crazy IR cameras -adjust bumper -Ford...
  4. Departure times Cabin Precondition-Steering Wheel, not heating-Cold Climate

    @Ford Motor Company problem: steering wheel not heating during precondition (warm setting) or after start. (Though indicator light is on) conditions: cool/cold day. Departure time set in truck. cabin is warm at departure time wheel is NOT. Heated steering wheel icon is red along with seat...
  5. Lightning being serviced☹️ - @Ford (here) helping? - dealer stumped

    @Ford Motor Company I’ve been following threads on here where Ford Mo Co ask for dealership and vin. this seems mainly for significant drive train or battery issues. Are they actually helping❓❓ My Lightning has been at dealer for 10 days, last 5 just sitting there because they are stumped. 2...
  6. Sun Run & Ford - Should I’ve been surprised? I am.

    i finally Received my email from Sun Run today to order my charge station pro! Yippee. I took delivery of lightning 10 weeks ago. filled out sun run form 9, and 8 weeks ago took CSP delivery. saw Tesla delivered an update to Dog Mode today - @Ford Motor Company can we just get pet mode?
  7. Charge station Pro & Ford Pass - charger insights

    How does Ford Pass Charger Insights get info from Charger? how do they communicate? @Ford Motor Company - seems odd that my charge station pro software version is different than ford pass charger insights seems like they communicate somehow? maybe that’s why I’ve only got insights once this...
  8. 1100 mi trip-Good, ok, disappointment

    Took an 1100 mile round trip a couple of weeks ago. Duplicating a trip I took with ICE a month before. Up front, I knew I’d drive slower, travel further with the Lightning. Took me 2 hrs longer with the Lightning. 10 -15 mph slower over the course of the drive—plus charging time. Not...
  9. Contactors / Clicking in the frunk Area

    is it normal to hear contactors clicking? don’t know the frequency, but hear it most times when I’m near truck -truck unplugged. -no fob nearby -no phone nearby thanks
  10. Infrared on all the time -Ghost in the Machine - see video

    Doubt anyone is looking for this. @Ford Motor Company blue cruise infrared on when truck is off. Parked. See my video. wow. What really blows is how inconvenient this is to take in for service on this and having to leave it. any thoughts gang? Yes I’m aware we are early adopters, but this tech...
  11. Fordpass Rewards Points when did they Post to account

    Salesman said they should be in account 24-48 hours after purchase. when did you notice your points? thanks.
  12. Ford Pass iOS Update - map display error

    Anyone having map display error after recent app update? @Ford Motor Company When selecting the vehicles current location, the map displays Berlin Germany. Close the map, select vehicle location again, now displays rural Kansas. all the while the vehicle is properly pinned in Dearborn. A lot...
  13. Poll: A lot theories on why we aren’t seeing shipments ⚡️

    Take the poll. Why aren’t the produced trucks in our driveways?
  14. Extended warranty - thoughts comments

    I get it, it’s a gamble. I almost never purchase extended warranties, never on a car. battery covered. - fine. I might drive through that 36000 mile warranty in 2-2.5 years. my concern is more about all the other electronics. It can get expensive quickly. my 05 f150 had for 16 years 260k...
  15. New article Intelligent Backup

    Here is a new article Intelligent Backup Power