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Search results

  1. FCSP Software Version 2.112.91:2.149:1.32:1.53:0.62

    Not sure when, but I’m updated finally. No pending icon.
  2. 🚗 **Epic Journey Cancelled: New York to LA in an F-150 Lightning! Seeking Enthusiasts and Supporters!

    Is that your exact route in post #1? Details or at least highlighted destinations along the route would be helpful to let us know if we’re within reasonable distance.
  3. Hypothetical Trip Info

    I just did a similar trip, flat terrain, 185 round trip with an additional 50 miles around the destination over the weekend. Using A/C. I departed for home with 50% SOC. Your departing SOC on your return trip is really what will give you peace of mind for getting back. I knew, considering the...
  4. I live on a mountain, charge to 90% and end up at 93-94% by the time I get down into town. If I charge to 100%, what happens to the extra energy?

    Regen works in all modes, automatically. Be careful with your research on OPD, a large % of the information you will find posted by other users (more so outside of this forum), is incorrect. Best driving mode is personal preference. The truck will regen appropriately based on your drive mode and...
  5. I live on a mountain, charge to 90% and end up at 93-94% by the time I get down into town. If I charge to 100%, what happens to the extra energy?

    When I'm at 100%, the green regen pulsing on the dash doesn't appear when braking and when coasting you can really feel the difference when there is zero regen. After getting used to the very slight regen feel during coasting, it really feels like the truck is getting away from you or even...
  6. Water sloshing, passenger side #2

    Here's the buy back case for reference. Sounds like your issue.
  7. Water sloshing, passenger side #2

    Dealer needs to check the moonroof drain lines. The worst case I've seen, similar to what you describe, resulted in a buyback. Minor case resolved with steps below.
  8. FCSP Software Version 2.112.91:2.149:1.32:1.53:0.62

    @techmatters it may sound like an excuse, but most end users outside of this forum won't go back to the FCSP Setup app once the unit is connected and set up. I don't think Ford intended for users to be comparing the two, only viewing things on Fordpass. Maybe that's why there's a delay between...
  9. FCSP Software Version 2.112.91:2.149:1.32:1.53:0.62

    @BSull actually bumped the thread this AM with the update! Teamwork!
  10. FCSP Update Pending, Connection Lost

    I improved my wifi coverage in the garage with 2 extenders and after 3 weeks I am also finally at 2.112.91. The Fordpass app shows update pending but the FCSP Setup app doesn't say update pending anymore. Maybe the wifi coverage was the culprit!
  11. Instrument Cluster Has Gone Dark: FIX post 19

    This just happened to me for the first time today (18,000+ miles on the truck). My wife rarely drives the truck and she used the backup FOB to run an errand today. It happened on the 2nd start with the backup FOB.
  12. New F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Limited Edition Revealed

    Really surprised, with all the options out there, they selected a very basic tonneau cover for this limited edition. Overall, I like the package though.
  13. Charge station pro Ford Pass connection issue

    Yes, you have to go into the FCSP Setup App (not Fordpass) and use the Manage Settings option then "Reconnect" when the app can't find the FCSP, you should be able to reconnect to the FCSP Wifi and reconfigure the wifi settings based on your new router/network. I found that you have to be...
  14. toll pass sticker issues?

    No issues here using EZPass mounted behind mirror. Is your sticker RFID?
  15. Lightning Pro available to order by general public! {ordering closed 8/16/23}

    I had to check for myself to believe it but yes it does seem that Pro ordering is open to everyone now.
  16. Regular maintenance?

    I have a standalone Quicklane associated with the local dealer. I needed a state inspection since I purchased out of state. I called the Quicklane and asked if they could do it for the Lightning, they said "yes". I watched from the waiting room as they drove the truck into the bay, a couple...
  17. FCSP Update Pending, Connection Lost

    I'm derating to 40A because it's what I'm wired for and fits my needs, so I haven't had any overheating issues thankfully. Since charging has been reliable and the Fordpass data so terrible, continuing with the lost connection hasn't bothered me enough to troubleshoot. My wifi extender does get...
  18. Timeline of price increases/decreases?

    Also - is there anyone out there who would purchase a Lariat SR vs. XLT ER at the same price point?
  19. FCSP Update Pending, Connection Lost

    I have this same issue. I've been stuck at a pending update for 6 months or more. Flipping breaker reconnects the FCSP for a few hours, but then it goes back into Connection Lost and pending update never chages. I'm stuck at 2.112.77:0 (and a bunch more zeros).
  20. Charging in the ‘DMV’

    I have had great experiences at EA Columbia MD, Stafford VA, and Richmond VA. No issues. Food options nearby. Richmond can get busy at times.