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  1. Priority Update: 23-PU0724-DOM-RS

    Mine updated today. I noticed for the first time on my Sync homepage the Charge Assist. That’s a nice new feature. I’m assuming it came with this update?
  2. When I drive by Rivian truck drivers they give me a head nod

    My experience is that Rivian owners I've met are happy with their trucks. I think if you're looking for a full size pickup the Lightning foots the bill. If you're looking for a pickup for off road the Rivian may be the better choice. I think the Lightning is probably better engineered & may...
  3. Priority Update 22-PU0722-DC-CHG3

    Pulled in the garage & when I turned off the vehicle I noticed the update is scheduled for 1am message. Restarted the truck & set it to update now. It updated without a hitch. Wish they'd all me that easy.
  4. Green Car reports: Ford to add Apple Maps EV routing to Lightning

    What should be coming in IOS 17 https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-news/heres-whats-new-for-apple-carplay-with-ios-17
  5. Almost time for new tires, what are you planning on getting after the stock tires wear out?

    I've heard the same on Costco, that they are very particular on tires matching the requirements listed for the vehicle.
  6. Car Scanner App Template (For Real-Time Charging, Battery and Range Telemetry)

    I've done exactly what you stated. I've done this numerous times without any luck. My setup is exactly like yours, I"ve transferred the extracted file to the phone a couple of times to make sure nothing is wrong there. I've created numerous pages in car scanner so I'm well aware how that...
  7. Car Scanner App Template (For Real-Time Charging, Battery and Range Telemetry)

    I've tried over and over to load up this dashboard template & have had no luck. I've went to settings - backup - Import from file, this did nothing. I've also tried Settings - dashboard - restore dashboard & this did nothing. What am I doing wrong.
  8. FCSP Software Version 2.112.91:2.149:1.32:1.53:0.62

    That is correct. I was told by a Ford Rep that it must be unplugged and it updates between 12 am and 4 am.
  9. Sidewall Failure General Grabber HTS60 A/S 275/60R20

    I’ve investigated many car fires as a fire investigator. If the tire had fire damage enough to compromise the sidewall it would be visually evident looking at the exterior of the tire.
  10. How much power does idling with A/C on use?

    Tom Moloughney from State of Charge did 12 hour tests with the LIghtning & Rivian in a snow storm to see how much power each used if stranded. The heater will draw more current than the air conditioner but gives you an idea on battery usage.
  11. Love the shifter

    My only complaint is that you cannot retract the shifter when in drive. That workspace cannot be used when driving. My wife works on a computer when we are traveling and the lay down workspace whould be a perfect spot for her laptop.
  12. Does your Lightning get noticed more now than when you first got it?

    I didn't vote because I haven't noticed any difference between when new and now. I have a moderate amount of people that notice it or ask about it.
  13. Charging question.

    As far as who makes the FCSP all I can say is when I had trouble with my first one I talked directly with a Siemens technician. My replacement came directly from Siemens.
  14. Charging question.

    That would be 91.6 amps at 240 volt. I think someone mislead you.
  15. Are you always plugged in at home?

    I plug mine in at least every night. On hot or cold days I plug it in when I arrive home.
  16. Dealer Won't Perform Maintenance With Active Recall

    10K they rotated tires, added coolant, & checked lights. At that time they said I needed a new light switch which they just replaced. No charge.
  17. Priority Update: 22-PU0930-RBA-CHM: Frunk Chime Vol, SOC digits

    After the update my Fordpass only shows pressure for 2 tires, but my reading from my OBD shows 41 psi on one tire and 146 psi on 3 tires. I'm waiting for tires to start exploding!!
  18. Dealer Won't Perform Maintenance With Active Recall

    I've had my 10K service & the light switch replaced after Ford issued the light bar recall.
  19. Priority Update: 22-PU0930-RBA-CHM: Frunk Chime Vol, SOC digits

    Received it first thing this morning after I was unable & it gave up on, Priority Update 23-PU0306-BCF-DET