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Search results

  1. Arizona Sold: ISO

  2. FORD EMAIL: 05/15 Production delayed due to supply chain | But also Built? Window sticker no longer available

    Window sticker no longer available but shows built too? Built but awaiting final parts? Any ideas?
  3. 2023 Charger or no charger?

    Reached out to my Ford Ambassador, they tell me to reach out to dealer. Can any recent 2023 deliveries align with current Ford webpage? https://www.ford.com/support/how-tos/electric-vehicles/home-charging/how-can-i-charge-my-f-150-lightning-at-home/ “Ford Mobile Power Cord The Ford Mobile...
  4. Anyone install 305/70R18 | OEM GMC/Hummer EV Tire ?

    Anyone considering or have installed these?
  5. Lug nut covers

    There has to be more options than changing out lug nuts. Might give these a try. https://www.colorlugs.com/products/lugcap-21-23mm
  6. Ford Lightning Headlines Forza Horizon 5 Rally Adventure Expansion

    …The expansion introduces 10 new-to-Forza cars, all specialized for the extreme off-road nature of Sierra Nueva. The headliner is the Ford F-150 Lightning Platinum – an all-electric truck that produces gobs of power and is equipped with multi-link suspension with coil springs, allowing it to...
  7. Video: F150 Lightning being ‘chased’ on Autocross Track during Ford event

    Although we have seen a few of these filmed during Ford’s Lightning Truck Events. This is exceptionally good from a chase vehicle perspective.
  8. Lightning Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) Photos

    Note electric parking brake.
  9. F-150 Lightning PRO | Interior Real-Life Photos

    Interior photos of PRO
  10. ANTIMATTER BLUE F-150 Lightning Photos & Club

    With reservation becoming orders, time to get serious folks! Hope this helps, I keep waffling...
  11. RAPID RED F-150 Lightning Photos & Club

    Rapid Red (premium color) | 2022 F-150 Lightning Note tire wear from aggressive driving
  12. 2022 Lightning Wheel and Tire Sizes | OEM 20” & 22”

    Hope this is helpful, unlikely to change, but could on final gamma.