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  1. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit PU-22G06

    Great news! Thanks for sharing as I was wondering when this would happen.
  2. Green Car reports: Ford to add Apple Maps EV routing to Lightning

  3. Motortrend - EV Novice takes the reins of our Lightning Lariat

  4. Car & Driver Article: the F150 lightning might not need those superchargers

  5. Tom’s Guide review & first look at Platinum Black Edition: “I drove the Ford F150 Lightning — and all other EVs are ruined for me”

    https://www.tomsguide.com/news/i-drove-the-ford-f150-lightning-and-all-other-evs-are-ruined-for-me Also see their Lightning Platinum Black Edition in-person video.
  6. Priority Update: 23-PU0306-BCF-DET

    Mine still stuck. Called Ford OTA customer service and they pretty much said nothing helpful that I haven’t tried - drive the car 30 minutes prior, don’t have it connected to the charger, switch off the automatic lights, turn on parking brake, offer up a burnt sacrifice… (Ok - they didn’t say...
  7. Loud sounds from F150 (including 2022 Lightning)

  8. 2023 F-150 Lightning XLT Yearlong Review: Road-Trip Range Strategies & Optimal Speed

    2023 Ford F-150 Lightning XLT Yearlong Review: Road-Trip Range Strategies We measure our Michigan Lightning’s MotorTrend Road-Trip Range at varying speeds and strategize how best to cover long distances quickly...
  9. Recommended Tires for Snow/Ice AND Summer

    I got the 275/60-20. They are at both TireRack, Discount Tire and Ford (where I got them as they had a great deal with free install plus 15k points). I believe the 20’inch rims are standard except for the Platinum? Here’s the Tire rack link but I’d check with your dealer too...
  10. Recommended Tires for Snow/Ice AND Summer

    Wanted to (as promised) give people a quick update on how my Pirelli Scorpion AS+ 3 all-weather tires are doing. First, some context – I purchased these all weather tires as added security for driving in snow, and my family with 4 drivers already has 2 cars that have full-fledged winter tires...
  11. Silverado EV rated at 450 miles by the EPA estimate

  12. Confirmed Fix for MY23 FordPass Connectivity Issue = 4.2.1 PowerUp OTA Update

    Well, for the record I finally got yesterday. Great to have the volume knob versatility after having MachE envy for a while!
  13. Tailgate Pad Recommendation

    I’ve been using a Dakine pad with my Tacoma for years and haven’t noticed any scratching. The pad keeps the bikes from hitting hard surfaces and potentially (on my nice one) damaging the carbon frame when I’m driving on bumpy dirt roads. Also, I can put 5-6 bikes on a pad which turns the truck...
  14. Tailgate Pad Recommendation

    I did some research (looking at videos like this one) and ended up with the Raceface T2. Weather hasn’t been good for MTB, so I can’t give much feedback yet. I will say that keeping road bikes upright on it hasn’t worked well, though the MTBs stayed on for my trip to the LBS.
  15. Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

    The rebate rules say that the base MSRP has to be below 50k. I imagine when Ford raised the prices for the 23MY this disqualified them. Very annoying as at that point we didn’t have a choice on getting the 22 or 23…
  16. Oregon Clean Vehicle Rebate Program

    Bad news - checked the website again today and the footnote under the 2022 Lightning says the below, which seems to imply the 2023 models are not eligible, and 2022 models have until April. 1 After April 30, 2023, the Ford F-150 Lightning is no longer eligible to receive a rebate due to the...
  17. Confirmed Fix for MY23 FordPass Connectivity Issue = 4.2.1 PowerUp OTA Update

    Just got 4.2.1 today. Had the 4.1.1 update Jan 24. Have not done anything except going back and moving the toggle to connect to Wi-fi back on as it seemed to go off more than once.
  18. Preferred Dealer(s) <?>

    Just wanted to put in a plug for Landmark Ford in Tigard. They were up front, low key on the aftermarket sales effort and did a great job on getting me a deal on both all weather snow tires and a (Ford branded) Retrax XR Pro tonneau cover. Highly recommend Mick Corliss as a salesperson. Got...
  19. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    I wish I could tell you, but with temperatures in the 40’s, windy storms, commutes involving a lot of hills and drives through standing water it might be summer before I could do any kind of reasonable assessment. In 20/20 hindsight I should have kept on the OEMs and done a baseline but I...
  20. Hello from Discount Tire!!!

    I put on the Pirelli Scorpion AS Plus 3’s. They have the mountain rating on the sidewall and reviews were great online. I already have two family members who put on dedicated snow tires in winter and did not want the hassle of changing a third car.