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  1. Frunk Tailgating

    I was recently taking measurements so that I could investigate building one of these myself, look forward to seeing what they come up with. 😬
  2. Tailgate opened while in the garage - significant scratch followed

    Same garage door hinge scar happened on mine when somoene lowered the door and the truck was not in far enough. I feel your pain.
  3. Turn Signal Cameras???

    Hi, I would agree with you - seems a shame to have two side view cameras on each mirror and not be able to use the feed to display the view when the turn signal is on, it would be a good addition to the blind spot radar. Perhaps @Ford Motor Company already has this planned for a future...
  4. Heated Steering Wheel Retrofit PU-22G06

    Thanks! Does this apply to all 2023 where they removed the option? I have not seen this letter yet for my ER Lariat.
  5. 🚗 **Epic Journey Cancelled: New York to LA in an F-150 Lightning! Seeking Enthusiasts and Supporters!

    Hi there! So are you involved with our NorthEast Lightning Owners Club? If not you should be! https://www.lightningclubsofamerica.org/ I will send you a DM.
  6. Burning Smell

    If @Ford Motor Company is reaching out to help you diagnose this I would take them up on it. They really are customer focused and I would say any “burning” smell from a first gen EV is something that you really should not dismiss - at least let them run through their remote diagnostics. I know...
  7. 2022 Lightning Yearlong Review Update: Time to Scale Back Expectations? Yeah, the F-150 Lightning is a "real truck." [Motortrend]

    I was one of the unfortunate ones to Lose the Scales on my 2023 Lariat ER…Since I do not tow or haul heavy loads that often it’s not a major issue but it may be good for Ford to add an interface to manually input the bed load so electric range can be more accurately calculated.
  8. Blue Cruise Tech

    Speed sign recognition is part of the adaptive cruise control and driver assistance - not specifically BlueCruise. I turned it off months ago just because I like to be in charge of changing my speed up or down and had a few “pucker” moments myself when I had it on. It was just doing what it...
  9. New F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Limited Edition Revealed

    I grew up in Scottsdale, AZ and I am in 1000% agreement with you - 🔥LOL! But it is a beautiful beast.
  10. New F-150 Lightning Platinum Black Limited Edition Revealed

    Hi, I was privileged to be at the pre-release event in NYC with some of our NorthEast Lightning Club on Tuesday, it was great to get the opportunity to interact with the F-150 product team and be able to provide them feedback from our experiences (good and bad but mostly good). In my...
  11. Charging Port Location - Sucks!

    I’m in agreement with this statement - I cannot say I have ever had issues at any DCFC or Level 2 AC chargers getting cables to the port - CCS is a bit of a wrestle - but all the L2 chargers I have ever used have had overly long cables and never had issue getting plugged in - even when using my...
  12. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Playing with friends at Tim Moloughney‘s house (YouTube‘s State Of Charge) at a BBQ this summer:
  13. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Grilling and providing entertainment for the NorthEast Lightning Owners and NorthEast Mach-e Owner’s Clubs at the Ford Meetup at Electrify America in NY…
  14. Pics of Lightning Trucks Doing Truck Things. Got Any? 📸

    Powering the PA system and the Conccession stands at our 4H Horseshows:
  15. Minor Front Bumper Trim Panel Warp - Replacing under Warranty

    Hello, Just wanted to share a minor issue I saw with the front bumper, black plastic trim piece. I noticed it about a month after I picked it up but just forgot to mention it to the dealer on my first 10,000 mile service. I noticed the drivers side of the black plastic trim panel had one...
  16. FordPass App Stopped Working

    You are not alone. I have a 2023 Lightning Lariat ER and over the past few months the modem connectivity is sporadic and I rarely get good SOC updates in FordPass or traffic info or weather. Very annoying considering the cost of these trucks. I have appointment this week for the 20,000 mile...
  17. What did you drive before your Lightning?

    My trade in was a 2011 Mercedes Benz R350. No regrets!
  18. Come to Ford Cars and Coffee before NY ElectrifyExpo

    Hello all! Come join @Ford @NELightningClub and @NortheastMach for Cars and Coffee before the @ElectrifyExpo this weekend in Long Island, NY. All are welcome. Register here! @LongIslandEVs https://ford.to/3KnkpMB
  19. Car Wash Embarassment

    Same here - never disabled auto-hold just shifted into neutral with shifter. However, I do have One pedal drive on and I rarely ever touch the brake pedal so perhaps that is why auto hold is not engaging like it did for him.